We Are Already Getting Calls Because Of Your Local Advertising Post

Thank You For Your Tips! The whole reason I personally blog is to inform my readers of the things they need to be doing to help them increase their business online.  It really is that simple for me. I am not in it for popularity, and there is nothing (and I mean – NOTHING) that puts a bigger smile on my face, then when someone sends me an email telling me that my methods have helped them make money! I recently (less then a week ago) posted about free local advertising tips a small local business could do to increase traffic to their website.  One reader in particular took me serious and started to implement the techniques immediately.   I got this email last night:
Hi Mat, just a quick note to let you know how thankful I am to you for sharing the information about local marketing.  It has only been a few days since I started to use the sites you provided and I am already getting phone calls, about 10 so far, and booking new clients because of a Yelp local review.  I asked a friend who has used my service before to write me a review, and it seems to be working so far, she already had an account there.  I can’t wait until I am able to do everything on the list.  Thanks again,  Lee
Lee, that is awesome to hear, and the real reason I do what I do – If this is not proof of how instant these local marketing tips could be working for you, then I don’t know what is?  I know online local marketing works, and there is power in the Internet.  I see it everyday. I love how it levels the playing field, and gives ordinary people the opportunity to become extra ordinary business owners. If you have had success with local marketing and used other techniques then what I mentioned on my local marketing post, then please share them here in the comments – I would love to hear them.  There was several people who left comments on that post with other techniques and places to market locally.  Just last night I learned about some more amazing local advertising places that could help out your local marketing efforts from my good friend Janet who read the post, shared it with her readers, and decided to add her two cents.  I appreciate that! Again, you don’t have to have a big budget to compete online if you know what you are doing with local marketing.  Between my original post, all the comments and other people blogging about this, there is plenty of local marketing opportunities to be had.  Just go get them! UPDATE: Just got another pretty cool testimonial sent to me because of the local marketing post.  Check it out:
Mat, I just got a call from a guy who needs a pretty decent size site who found me on Yelp.  Pretty cool huh?  It’s all thanks to you!

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