We’d Like to Thank the Academy

  Drumroll please…We are delighted to announce some exciting news. We have won three bronze Stevie Awards for our video efforts. These awards were presented at The 15th Annual Business Awards Banquet in June! Needless to say, we all immediately texted our moms, dads, significant others, and our pets to let them know the good news—Eddy the Yeti already knew.   Stevies are awarded every year in multiple categories to recognize brand accomplishments across the globe. This year, our success was awarded by the American Business Awards—a facet only open to businesses operating in the United States—featuring varying entry categories including Corporate Overview and Motivational categories.   Avalaunch was among 3,600 award nominations and selected as the video awards winner in the Motivational and Corporate Overview categories. We were honored because of our consistent success in connecting brands to audiences through beautifully crafted content and imagery.   Avalaunch Media appears to have had yet another great year in 2016,” said the Stevie Awards panel of judges. “Delivering value for its customers, including Abbott, Avalaunch continues to drive its digital marketing excellence through well-planned campaigns and content offerings. Given the company’s stellar track record, we expect to see Avalaunch Media nominated again in the future.”   We submitted three separate award nominations on behalf of Avalaunch and ended up winning a bronze Stevie for all three—I’d call that a clean sweep. The three winners—Creating Brand Experience Through Memorable Content, Sizzle Reel, and iRise Wellness: Motivation is Key to Engagement—were all created to engage communities and further brand recognition. For example, the iRise Wellness motivational video was created to sort through the marketing clutter and immediately strike a chord with decision-makers. The Avalaunch Media team came up with the idea to show employees in the workplace, highlighting each worker’s personal challenges or successes. By recognizing that employees regularly face difficult personal issues, executives would start thinking about their own efforts to help those workers thrive. The results have been incredible. In many corporate settings, executives have commented that by the end of the video, the entire room was full of tears and emotion. The video has inspired numerous executives to hire iRise to increase their employees’ well-being across the board.   It took a team to make this happen. Our award-winning team consists of SEO wizards, public relations specialists, pay-per-click gurus, motion and graphic designers, mixed marketing managers, content writers, dreamers, innovators and, of course, a Yeti.   Eddy the Yeti is our mascot, reminding each team member to create digital marketing believers every day. We are fam-ily (cue Sister Sledge).   We’re over-the-moon excited about these awards. We love what we do here at Avalaunch and it’s exhilarating to be rewarded for our work. One of my favorite parts of the evening was the calm before the storm—the few seconds before the announcement was made live on stage and everyone’s eardrums were straining to hear the results. The energy at the banquet was seriously electrifying.   “We are honored to be numbered among so many talented marketers,” said Jason Coulam, Chief Marketing Officer at Avalaunch Media. “The Avalaunch family strives to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge communication strategies and tactics. We are proud of the work we have done and look forward to the opportunities ahead.”   About Avalaunch Media: Avalaunch Media sits at the base of the great Wasatch Mountains as a leader in digital marketing. Founded in 2008, the company pioneered many of the earliest digital marketing strategies while working with many notable brands, including Coca Cola, Abbott Nutrition, Red Bull, GoPro, Home Depot, and numerous startups.