Welcoming Janet Thaeler Avalaunch Style

Avalauch Media has an announcement – we have a new member of the team! Janet Thaeler (@Newspapergrl) is a veteran blogger and social media enthusiast. The only real question is; what should her title be? We thought of a few possibilities:
  • Yeti Handler
  • Chief of Idea Generation
  • Guru of Brainstorming
  • Director of Buzz Creation
  • Chief Pinner
  • Creator of Media Placements
  • Low Carb Office Treats Officer
Regardless of her title, we’ll look to Janet to promote our infographics and viral content with the media, bloggers and through social media. And, for now, we did decide on a title — Brand Ambassador. Since we’re big on communicating concepts visually, please say hello and get to know Janet: Janet-IG What she says she loves most about working for Avalaunch is that she gets to dream ideas, let someone else create them, and then promote the end product. 

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