What Can A Two Year Old Teach You About Working Smarter?

I learned a good lesson from my two year old about working harder, not smarter today – I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  Today while I was working, and my wife was out of the house, I had the two year old all to myself.  If any of you have ever tried to do much with a two year old, you know where this is going.  I had a lot of stuff on my plate this morning that I had to get done, and I really was hoping my two year old would let me.  Turns out, he taught me a great lesson in working harder – while NOT leaving me alone.

Working Harder:

I was in my office upstairs, and my son was playing downstairs, and that is never a good combination.  Pretty soon he brought me a pistachio to open for him (just one) so I did and he ate it.  He went down again, and after several minutes came up with another one (again just one) for me to open – so I did, and he ate it.  He must have done this for about an hour – non stop!  It only took me a second to open up the shell, and he was gone for several minutes getting another one.  After the first few I thought about going and getting the cup of them, but then decided to let him work harder so I could get some work done.  After all, its hard to tell Darth Vader what to do right?  I would have never been able to get that much done if he would have just stayed downstairs.  I would have been to worried about what he was getting into, or destroying.

The lesson to be learned here..

Is about time management, and it has two sides to it – 1. I needed to get work done, so I decided to work smarter by – 2. letting my son work harder because he didn’t know the difference, or understand time management!  Just like my son, we sometimes work harder then we need to be because we don’t know the difference (or what really works), but at the same time, we are not managing our time effectively.  I usually am able to put the computer down and tend to all the needs of my kids when I must.  Today was different, I had to get creative and figure out a way to watch my kid, and take care of some of my responsibilities at the same time.

I think another day I will do a lengthy post about time management, and how I go about what I do.  I just really wanted to take this chance to share what I felt was a cool story, and give my quick thoughts on time management and working smarter (not harder) as a business owner.  I hope you enjoyed!

Anyone else have cute stories where their little kids taught them a lesson?  I would love to hear them!