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The Avalaunch team played like a champion every day we worked with them! They are true professionals and know digital marketing. We had them build an interactive eBook that is filled with great pictures, music, video, etc. They captured our vision for the eBook and we couldn't be happier with the final product. I would give Avalaunch Media our strongest recommendation!”

Rudy Reuttiger

Avalaunch worked with us first to understand our objectives and our customer base. They were careful to ensure that the work they were doing not only resonated with our customers but also integrated with our other content and promotion efforts. After brainstorming some amazing ideas they handled both the content creation and the promotion of the content flawlessly. They allowed me to concentrate on other efforts as I knew I could rely on them to get the job done right. ”I've worked with Avalaunch at both of my last two jobs and would use them again in a heartbeat for content strategies to bolster our SEO efforts. Their content is always innovative and their reliability is second to none. If you need a content marketing strategy to boost your SEO, one that focuses on quality content that is not going to be affected every time Google changes it's algorithm, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Avalaunch (and in fact I have recommended them to other marketers numerous times).

Rob Woods

Director of Marketing, Reinvent Inc.

Avalaunch Media is everything you could ask for in a marketing agency. They listened to our needs, made sure they understood our market, and created an infographic that delivered 110%. Hire these guys!

Andy Beal

CEO, Trackur

Avalaunch is very solid at SEO with a finger on the pulse. I have seen some of his work and some of his sites rank very high for some of the most competitive keywords/phrases on the web.

Cameron Olthius

CBS Interactive

We're dominating the local East Village market just like you said we would! You have me busy enough to forget what a bathroom break is! Thanks a ton!

Jay Sofer

Lockbusters NYC

Avalaunch, looking forward to seeing you in Seattle. You have so much knowledge to share, we’ are fortunate to have you!

Michelle Robbins

Third Door Media

LOVE the new infographic Avalaunch Media did for one of our projects. We sure do collaborate well together!”

Alan Bleiweiss

Forensic SEO Consultant