What Do Zombies And SEO Have In Common?

What Do Zombies And SEO Have In Common?

Recently I was shown this chart of a client, and I couldn’t help but post about it. The chart is simple, it’s tracking 3 pretty decent keywords for the client. I think it speaks volumes, and does a much better job of showing how alive (kicking and screaming even) SEO is!

SEO is NOT Dead [clearboth]

    Less than 3 months.

We took on this project just before January of THIS year, (you know, the year SEO is dead … yet again) and as you can see in less than 3 months, 2 of 3 keywords have jumped to the first page. The two on the first page are in the top 3. Even better, (and more important than the rankings) sales/conversions/leads are up, and never been better (according to client). I guess SEOs and Zombies have more in common than most people realize, and answers the question to the title of this post! I have case study after case study, and chart after chart that can show this for large numbers of keywords, but I wanted a simple approach to proving my point and I think this chart does it well. I also wanted to show results for a campaign that had no social or social signals, no viral pushing, no press, no PPC … nada. SEO only…. on page & link building – simple. SEO basics & a short amount of time … SEO 101 .. ok ok you get it.

    A focus on “rankings” Matt?

I usually do my best to not focus on rankings, and focus more on the conversion side (ie sales, leads etc)., but with all the talk lately about SEO, and it being declared dead yet again, I can’t resist but to post when I see stuff like this. All we did was simple SEO. We made sure the content on the page was unique, optimized and better than the competition. We used the right keywords. We made sure we had correct title tags, good meta data, used our header tags, alt tags etc. (all the normal on page SEO) and we built some links by producing good content for the site.

    It’s not rocket science, its good basic SEO.

We got these results by doing what every goo0d SEO ALREADY knows they need to be doing (what they have ALWAYS been doing – head down & working) and ignore the idiots.
* hat tip to Debra Mastaler for the title of this post.

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