What Movie Made Me Ask Blockbuster For My Money Back?

Dark Knight
Dark Knight

And what movies did I love this year? —————————————————->

I told my wife I am not going to work today, so I thought I would blog about something non work related, and still get my blog fix in for the day … heh!

A couple of the Christmas gifts I got this year were DVDs – Hancock and The Dark Knight – two movies that are now on my all time top list of movies I love.  It got me thinking of all the great movies I have seen this year, as well as the ones that wasted my time.  Now remember this is my list, and I am no movie critic, but I do watch a lot of movies – so here goes:

My Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2008:

  1. The Dark Knight – the most disturbing, sad movies that leaves you empty – but you can’t help but love and wanting to watch over and over.
  2. Iron Man – was worried about the casting of Robert Downing Jr. but he nailed it!
  3. Hancock – Will Smith at his best!
  4. Traitor – Not as Disturbing of a movie as Hotel Rwanda (2004) but Don Cheadle nailed this role and left me on the edge of my seat till the end
  5. Yes Man – I had to include a movie that made me laugh from beginning to end!  Jim Carey did it for me on this one like Liar Liar, or his other classic one Dumb and Dumber.  This was a great movie!

Movies That Wasted My Time in 2008:

  1. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (I asked Blockbuster for my money back – and they gave me a free movie voucher, which is better then nothing because this was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life)
  2. X Files 2 (WTF??)
  3. 10,000 BC (I could not even stay awake during this one)
  4. Speed Racer (my eyes are still trying to focus)
  5. Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (very sad about this one not being better then it was – Aliens?  Seriously? WTF??)

I am sure if I had been able to see the Star Trek and some other ones, this list might be a little different, especially if the new Wolverine movie had been released on time (suppose to be this year).  This is just of the movies that I have been able to see up to this point.  What were some of your favorite movies of the year?  What movies didn’t do it for you?  I would love to hear –

OK there is a lesson to learn here

The marketing lesson here (ok so I can’t help it – and I hope my wife does not read this) is to come up with creative post titles that make people want to click and read on.  You don’t even have to make all of your post titles link bait worthy, just make them where people will want to click on them – that is the true lesson here!  The title I picked for this post is much better then if I would have went with a generic “Top 10 Movies of 2008” we keep seeing – especially this time of year!  So if you are thinking about putting together some top 10 style lists of 2008 – please come up with a title that will make people want to click!

1 thoughts on “What Movie Made Me Ask Blockbuster For My Money Back?

  1. Steve Sherron says:

    I agree with the Indiana Jones remark. What a friggin joke. Horrible and must have been an embarrassment even to the company who delivered porta-jons to the movie set. I was so pissed at the end with Aliens. On another note, I saw Benjamin Button this weekend and thought it was fantastic.

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