When Big Companies Make The Right Choice

I read a story today about Dell making some changes to their business model in order to keep jobs, not eliminate them.  They are going to be changing the packaging of their products in order to cut costs, and keep employees.  If you are interested in the full story check out the link I provided above, but I just wanted to take this chance to give Dell a big Kudos!

In this economy, and the news you hear or read today everything is bad or a scandal.  Big corporations going bankrupt, or cutting 1000s of jobs.  One story today talking about the job loss rate being the worst since the 70s, and another story talking about some idiots ponzi scheme costing investors $50 billion.

You see where I am going with this?  We are in some bad times right now and whats more annoying is all the corruption surrounding it.  Is no one honest anymore?  Corporation owners and Goverment officials?  What is this world coming to?   Then along comes Dell, and does something right.

I think big business needs to make a note to self to try and figure out what they can do (like not give CEOs 10 million dollar bonuses) and figure out ways to keep employees with that money instead.

I was having a great conversation with a friend of mine today on chat – here is part of the conversation: (this is a chat so read it as such)

friend: I just have to try not to get freaked out by all the fraud and financial news right now


friend: I KNOW

me: the Chicago thing, the gov, and all that, and the 50 billion, on ws, JOKE, its a joke, on the honest, like you and me

friend:  both terrible and no one feeling that sorry about it, the gov pisses me off, maintains everything is fine!

me: me too

friend: never want to live in Chicago

me: i just wanna scream sometimes, because its like, who is going to bail out the honest, just because i can afford my house, does not mean i should not be taken care of too if the guy who got a million dollar loan, that couldn’t afford it is going to be forgiven 500k, not right, its just not right

friend: I don’t want to bail out people who are dishonest and not providing valueable products or taking huge risks that then fail

The point?

Everyone is getting sick of what is going on with the financial system and the government – its about time to see a good story from a major company stepping up and doing the right thing.  Its about time! Thanks Dell!

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