When Did Google Adsense Start Doing This?

Now maybe I have been completely missing something, but I have not seen results like this ever come up on a site that has Adsense Ads.  I usually don’t  view a whole lot of sites that have tons of Adsense all over them, but this was something interesting I saw today and wondered if anyone else had seen this yet?  Am I way behind on this, or is this something new that Google Adsense ads are doing these days?

Here is a screen shot of what I saw:

Google Search Box Inside Adsense Ads
Google Search Box Inside Adsense Ads

The red arrow is pointing to what up to this point has been showing credit card related ads via Adsense.  You will now see that its showing the Google Search box.  I am very interested to know when this started happening if anyone knows?  Makes me wonder what the point even is?  What happens if someone uses the search box and clicks on a natural result?  Does anyone make money?  If the Adsense user makes money then how does Google make money on this?  It just does not make sense to me!

Again, I have not given this the proper time to research it out, but I was just curious cause I saw this tonight and have never seen it before.

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