Without Technology Would I Know How To Interact With People?

Would I be able to hang in Bedrock?
Would I be able to hang in Bedrock?
This morning I was outside sitting by the pool, getting some work done on the macbook and enjoying a beautiful sunny Arizona day when something IMO funny dawned on me.  Do I know how to interact with people without technology? LOL, of course I do – but it got me thinking and laughing.  (Side Note) Even though it was 84 here today the pool water is still way to cold, but it was very tempting!  Just two more months!! Anyway, my wife was inside sitting at our kitchen table (playing on her macbook), and our backdoor was even open and up pops a instant message.  We must have chatted for over two minutes on the messenger program before my wife said, “I guess I could just come out there and talk to you about it”  We were talking about some things we needed to get at Home Depot.  It just made me laugh because of all the technology around us. Are you guys guilty of similar technology abuses? (see below)
  • When your spouse is next door will you text message him/her if you need them (as oppose to just walking over there)
  • When they do not answer (or get) the text message will you message your neighbor whose house they are at (who you know is online always) and get a hold of them that way. (usually works well for me)
  • When those above don’t work will you send them an email (I know that my wife’s Blackberry will alert her)
  • If even that does not work will you send them a DM on Twitter (I know that my wife’s Blackberry notifies her of that too) ha
  • Do you take a picture of something and instead of just showing them, do you tell them to check out your latest “Twitpic” cause it will make them laugh!
  • Do you text each other when you can’t find each other?  Is texting in your home the new intercom systems?
  • Do you use your cell phones more then 5% of the time for actual talking.
Now its not this bad folks, I am playing a little, and having fun – but this stuff does happen around here.  I was wondering if it was even possible for me to disconnect?  Would you guys be lost without your gadgets if you had to disconnect?  I think its time for me to disconnect around the house for a little bit! Last night I was talking to another Mother, and she said that she felt she was being a less effective Mother because things had been so busy that day, she had not had a chance to see or talk to her kids, but she did text them the message to get their homework done.  She laughed about technology too, and wondering if she could live without it. Writing all this down was good for me – a little eye opening too!  I really am going to work on learning how to interact with people again WITHOUT using technology! Please feel free to add to this list in the comments if you have something funny and eye opening not mentioned here, or please feel free to reply to me on Twitter and let me know.  I will add those comments here too!

1 thoughts on “Without Technology Would I Know How To Interact With People?

  1. Greg says:

    I am definitely guilty of technology abuses, I text my wife when she is just outside asking her questions. I would do it alot more if my wife could actually keep track of her cell phone. Anyway – My wife is the worst though – “one time” we had a big argument, hardly ever happens:)I was pretty mad and did not want to continue talking, about whatever I was pretty mad about. Then she had the clever idea to text me and say she was sorry (even though it was probably my fault in the first place) and that she loved me. She was upstairs when she sent it and when she heard the alert and me checking my message she popped her head out over the railing, with a big sweet smile, and watched me read it. She was so cute looking at me that I couldn’t help but smile back and tell her she was a dork but that I loved her too! Awwwh isn’t that a cute technology story? You can add that to your list of tech abuses. Although remember everyone – it did work.

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