Your Business in 2009 & Looking Forward to 2010

Now is the time to write those blog posts about the year. What significant milestones, new products did you create or accomplishments did you attain? I hope everyone at Dream Systems Media will get together for a few posts like this. For my new blog, the most popular post of 2009 was “5 Killer Press Release Examples.”

Title your posts like this: “The best ____ of 2009” or “the top 5 blog posts” of the year. These make excellent ideas for press releases. They often get picked up on social sites because they’re catchy and you can increase your chances by adding pictures for each point. Here are some examples of this kind of press release from Business Wire.

You don’t have to have a web site to send out a press release – local businesses can do this as another way to market their business. You should do it for your business.

Here are some lists that I plan to check out during the holiday break:

Top SEO Books from Lee Odden

For me 2009 was about product launches, something I’ve never done before. It started with writing a book about online PR, then I produced an online PR DVD to go along with the book. I also did a lot more public speaking.

Once you’re done thinking of important milestones of 2009, write blog posts or press releases about what’s coming in 2010. The ideal for a press release is to predict trends in your industry or expertise. You’re going to start seeing a lot of these. What’s new in social media in 2010? How about in SEO?

For me 2010 may hold the following: writing another book, developing my email list, finding JV partners for my DVD and creating an online PR store with my products. Some of these topics make excellent press releases (launching a new online store, JV opportunities for my DVD, one about the book, significant speaking engagements, etc).

What have you done in 2009 that was successful? What is coming for 2010? We want to know! Please leave your comments.

4 thoughts on “Your Business in 2009 & Looking Forward to 2010

  1. Mat Siltala says:

    Thanks for making me think about what a great year 2009 was! I think the biggest accomplishment for me was being able to speak at all major conferences in the search marketing industry. I love the people in this industry and to be able to mingle, learn and teach with them this year was awesome!!!