Launching Lendio's Leads and Applications



Business Type:
B2B - Lending

Project Goal:
Increase MQL's through Google Ads

The Challenge

Lendio is a marketplace for small business owners looking for the best loan to scale their business. They act as a broker to align the small business with the ideal lender based on the business needs. Their company is consistently ranked as one of the top B2B finance companies in the US.  

Lendio engaged Avalaunch Media for help in managing their paid advertising with Google Ads being the highest priority. The objective was to increase the quality and quantity of leads while lowering the overall cost per lead. 

The Approach

After reviewing their Google Ads account, we found ways to improve their budget efficiency and cost per lead by integrating revenue-based bidding models using their CRM data. We identified ways to improve their creative performance by consistently updating their ads and landing pages, conducting regular testing, and optimizing for mobile to boost performance. Also, we suggested improving audience targeting by using first-party data audience signals for display ads and YouTube. These core focuses enabled us to meet the growing demand for their product and scale leads generated for Lendio.

Avalaunch Paid Ads Strategic Approach

Avalaunch Paid Ads Strategic Approach

Lendio Business Loans.

The Results

In our time working together we have seen a large increase in both budget and lead volume. We’ve worked with them to see a 3.2X increase in budget, a 7.12X increase in total MQL’s, a 117% decrease in cost per lead and a loan application rate that increased from 23% to 41%.

Lendio is just one example of many lending and finance companies Avalaunch Media has helped over the years. If you’re looking for a finance and lending digital marketing agency that knows how to produce results, please reach out to us for a free consultation.