Optimizing Monster's Resume Conversions



Business Type:
B2C - Job Finding

Project Goal:
Increase resume submissions

The Challenge

Monster.com is the world’s largest online employment solutions provider and serves as a marketplace to align employers and job seekers. They had been struggling with their website conversion rate of their online resume assessment tool. This tool offered a great “gateway” into job seekers wanting to improve their resume through coaching and mentoring programs. With so much paid advertising being spent on a monthly basis, they wanted to ensure their resume submission process was optimized.  

The Approach

Avalaunch Media was tasked with formulating and executing a comprehensive sales funnel conversion strategy. Monster wanted to provide their customers with a more helpful and intuitive engagement journey, starting with a free resume assessment and ending with professional resume assistance.

Avalaunch assembled their conversion rate optimization team and walked through the entire user journey. Every step in the process was highly scrutinized as Avalaunch focused on the copy, design and overall user experience. In some places small and minor tweaks were made while in other places large sweeping changes were made.

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

Screenshot of a digital interface

The Results

After implementing our CRO strategy, we experienced a monumental increase in job seekers using the free resume assessment tool. We created all new landing pages and ads to drive traffic and convert more users. 

We experienced a 300% increase lead to sale conversion rates and doubled the number of new resume submissions. The Monster team couldn’t have been happier with the success of the project.

Avalaunch Media has nearly two decades of experience in running conversion rate optimization for paid media campaigns. If you are looking for a CRO or paid media agency, please reach out to us today for a free discovery call.