White Glove Moving

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Project Goal:
Increase the quality of leads and decrease cost per lead

White Glove Moving & Storage is a luxury moving and packing service in New Jersey, dedicated to safe and efficient relocations.


The Challenge

White Glove Moving & Storage approached Avalaunch Media with a lofty goal in mind: to lower their cost per conversions to less than $100. Initial investigations of the pre-existing situation revealed very high costs per conversion. White Glove had mainly been relying on Google Search ads, Avalaunch noticed White Glove was not using display ads. Display is a key aspect of a PPC strategy. It is a disruptive marketing strategy, so it proactively positions a brand to be seen, rather than organically noticed by customers. Display campaigns, coupled with Google’s smart audience targeting, was the primary strategy employed by Avalaunch for White Glove Moving & Storage.

The strategy was also missing

“Our previous marketing firm left us a complete mess. From our initial contact with Avalaunch, through the decision making process and our kickoff call, Avalauch has exceeded our expectations. The team, specifically Julia, Beau and Jordan have taken us to a new level. Our company, in less than 6 months with Avalaunch has already had the best October in our history. The whole team is helpful, responsive, hardworking, innovative and the results are clear. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Avalaunch. Thanks for your hard work!”

– Dan

The Approach

To begin, Avalaunch had to find the right audiences for White Glove Moving. Display campaigns are notorious for showing up in unusual places throughout the web and wasting money. To avoid this common problem Avalaunch made use of Google’s smart audiences. Custom intent and Custom Affinity audience are two options Google offers its users to help them locate the audiences that might be interested in their products or services. Custom Intent allows you to show Display ads to people who have searched for your target keywords recently. Custom Affinity allows you to create a pool of URLs, places, interests, or apps, Google then looks at the commonalities of the things in that pool and creates a profile to serve ads to.    After targeting was in place Avalaunch shifted much of the client’s budget over to display. But after being created, these display ads were not simply splashed anywhere; we honed in on White Glove’s primary target audiences in order to decrease costs per conversion. Avalaunch removed placements that did not convert to make the ad spend as efficiently as possible. Our teams also built smart display campaigns, which helped us utilize Google’s advanced machine learning to drive maximum conversions.

4 Pillars of Avalaunch Media PPC Strategy

4 Pillars of Avalaunch Media PPC Strategy

The Results

When comparing June–December of 2019 to the previous year, our teams had successfully achieved White Glove’s goal of reducing costs per conversion well below $100. After implementing our PPC strategy, White Glove Moving’s cost per conversion was reduced to $68.11 — a 39.5% decrease — and conversions spiked by 167.2%. This was made possible because of the low costs of Display ads compared to Search ads. The average cpc in the account before Avalaunch launched Display campaigns was $6.36. After launching the new campaigns CPCs dropped to $1.27 a decrease in costs of 79.96% per click. Our client was delighted that we didn’t merely help them to achieve their goal; we hit it out of the park and significantly surpassed their expectations.

Avalaunch Media has extensive experience in providing digital marketing services to moving companies. If you’re looking for a moving company marketing agency and would like a free consultation on how we can help grow your business, please reach out to us by phone or email – 877-873-9298.