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Avalaunch Recognized in Top 2% of US Agencies for Google AdWords Management

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What Does It Mean to Be a Google Premier Partner?

To be eligible for the Google Premier Partner badge of honor, an agency must demonstrate expertise in search, display, mobile, and video. However, it’s more than just passing a few tests — it’s producing real results and metrics for clients. Google’s criteria for Premier Partner status include certification, managed ad spend, successful account management, ad revenue growth, and client retention.

As a Google Premier Partner, Avalaunch Media has the expertise to surpass these expectations. We’re proud to have been recognized by Google as one of the top 2% best-performing agencies for AdWords management in the US.

At Avalaunch, We Pass on the Benefits to Our Clients

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Direct assistance from dedicated Google representatives

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First access to new Google products and beta tests

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Avalaunch employees trained yearly at Google HQ

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Prefered Google-assisted digital strategy

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Annual partner summit at Google HQ

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Google-sponsored digital client events

What to expect at Avalaunch Google Day

As a Google Premier Partner, our company hosts semi-annual digital marketing summits featuring insider information from the industry experts at Google, renowned headlining speakers, and our invaluable clients. Avalaunch Google Days are some of our favorite days of the year, as they give us the opportunity to make and strengthen connections with our clients — many of whom travel across the country to attend.

These unforgettable events also involve activities like ski trips, massages, yoga, catered dinners, and tours of the Google campus, ensuring our clients have a great time and leave with lifelong memories and the knowledge needed to help them meet their business goals.

Industry Expert Speakers

Inspirational Keynote Speakers



  • Google Day 2020 Sundance Utah
  • Google Day 2020 Sundance Utah
  • Google Day 2020 Sundance Utah
  • Google Day 2020 Sundance Utah
  • Google Day 2020 Sundance Utah
  • Google Day 2020 Sundance Utah
  • Google Day 2020 Sundance Utah

Google Day 2019-2020: Capture the Changing Market With Evergreen Content

Google Campus in Redwood City, California

At the Avalaunch 2019 Google Day event in Redwood City, California, we were lucky enough to tour Google’s sleek new campus. Our teams felt the exciting entrepreneurial spirit in this special hub of innovation nestled in Silicon Valley, and we were thrilled to hold our event on Google’s showstopping grounds. Our goal for the 2019 Google Day was to help our clients understand what makes content stand out — and what makes it last. 

During this two-day event, attendees learned valuable lessons about evergreen content — what it is, and how to use it. Our speaker lineup was comprised of a mix of Avalaunch employees, Google representatives, startup powerhouses, an inspiring MLB Hall-of-Famer, and a Professor of Rock Music. All who participated left enriched and empowered to apply evergreen principles to their own business strategies.

Sundance Mountain Resort, Utah

Avalaunch Media’s sixth Google Day was held on the luxurious, snowcapped slopes of Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah on March 12th and 13th, 2020. Despite the (then) newly developing situation with COVID-19, the event wrapped safely and encompassed everything Avalaunch stands for — grit, determination, team spirit, positivity, and wisdom as management heeded governmental decrees and speakers delivered their presentations with gusto and passion. 

While limiting direct contact with others and practicing diligent hand washing and sanitizing, guests kicked off Thursday by shredding some powder and enjoying some leisure time. After skiing and snowboarding, it was time for some needed yoga and pampering massages. Later on in the evening, Tiled provided a deliciously satisfying networking dinner and a demo of their product, followed by a few Avalaunch employees who delivered a message on 2020 marketing trends.

Friday was an uplifting and motivational day full of marketing insights, swag making, and even live music. The theme of the summit was evergreen content — the kind of relevant and useful content that withstands the test of time. Speakers showcased their expertise in evergreen content by discussing its relevance in every aspect of marketing and the customer experience. Attendees were privileged to hear from an expert in podcasting, the head of Y Digital Agency, Qualtrics’s thought leadership market researcher and global head of web optimization, a local business owner, the Professor of Rock, music legend Narada Michael Walden, and several of Avalaunch’s very own in-house marketing masters. Visit our Tiled slide deck to hear or read their inspiring messages!

Google Day 2018: Double Diamond Digital Conference


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