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Drive Mid Funnel Conversions with Long form content

As an eBook and Whitepaper Agency, Avalaunch Media can do it all. We'll help you plan, outline, write and design the perfect ebook or whitepaper to convert your mid funnel audience. Trust our experienced wordsmiths and graphic designers to help you produce an impactful ebook that people will want to share.

An ebook (electronic book) is a long-form digital publication that spans multiple pages and provides in-depth information on a subject. It is typically organized into sections and designed with brand elements and complementary visuals to help readers understand the topic in greater detail. Ebooks are a great way to generate new leads, establish yourself as a thought leader, and get people buzzing about your brand.

A whitepaper is similar to an ebook, but is usually more comprehensive and detailed. It's an in-depth report, guide or document about a specific topic and the problems that surround it, along with your solution on how you solve for it.

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Our Services

Let's Talk eBooks
A thin, jagged bottom design, adding a unique visual element to the website or page.

Our Process

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  • We pare down your existing content and optimize messaging to use words how they will have the biggest impact.
  • Your eBook’s words are a succinct, crafted cornerstone of a memorable customer experience.
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  • We let the iconography, photography, and custom design do the rest of the talking.
  • Let us turn your story into a unique visual masterpiece that compels, and encourages customer action for your company.
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  • From downloadable PDFs to mobile apps that can be downloaded through the App Store, Google Play, and Kindle fire – we can deliver your eBook in the medium that best generates leads and converts customers.

Client Love

Rudy Ruettiger

The Avalaunch team played like a champion every day we worked with them! They are true professionals and know digital marketing. We had them build an interactive eBook that is filled with great pictures, music, video, etc. They captured our vision for the eBook and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. I would give Avalaunch Media our strongest recommendation!

Rudy Ruettiger / American Football Hero
Kali B.

The interactive eBook Avalaunch Media created for us produced amazing results including features in The New York Times and BostInno, more than 10,000 app downloads, and a lot more social shares than we would have ever imagined. The team was a pleasure to work, capturing our vision for the design, and hitting tight deadlines all along the way!

Kali B. / Editor at