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Launch your content with Interactive Graphics

Interactive IGs are design-heavy pieces of content, often branded and themed, which can blend a variety of rich media content including hotlinks, audio and video, images, GIFs, clickable buttons, and parallax animation. Your company may want to use interactive graphics for quizzers, landing pages, and more.

Ready to Launch?
Background image with a thin, jagged top design, adding a unique visual element to the website or page.

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A thin, jagged bottom design, adding a unique visual element to the website or page.

Our Process

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  • Avalaunch brainstorms and distills ideas into one outstanding winning concept, based on the hot trends in your social media niche.
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  • Our team then scours the web, hunting for relevant, accurate statistics and content that will reinforce your company’s credibility.
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  • Our world-class designers bring the data to life, pairing minimal text to memorable, fun and informative interactive elements.

Client Love

Scott C.

Avalaunch Media did a great job with our interactive scorecard and their overall expertise is very impressive. My colleagues and I were blown away!

Scott C. / SurePayroll
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