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Technical SEO (the foundation of all crawlability, rendering, and indexability for a website) is the most essential component of SEO. Technical SEO comes in many shapes and sizes, and needs will differ from website to website. But each site will largely contain core website elements such as a robots.txt file, XML sitemaps, meta tags, page speed, and response codes, just to name a few. Continued technical maintenance should be considered for all websites to sustain website health and ensure that your site is built for SEO from the ground up.

Background image with a thin, jagged top design, adding a unique visual element to the website or page.

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Jon Reese

Avalaunch Media is a trusted digital media partner who always has a sense of urgency required in a fast-paced business world. The SEO work they do for ADP is creative, original, and produces results.

Jon Reese / ADP
Ben Fillmore

To say that Avalaunch Media plays a large role in our new customer flow is an understatement. 85% of our new customers are a direct result of their search engine optimization services.

Ben Fillmore / Tree Doctors