FCC 409a Valuation Interview Blog — A Venture Capital Success Story


Founders Circle Capital

Business Type:
B2B — Venture Capital Funding

Project Goal:
Boost Organic Blog Traffic and Leads

The Challenge

Founders Circle Capital, a client in the venture capital funding industry, was facing challenges with one of their interview-style blog posts on the 409a valuation process. The original content lacked depth and thoroughness, resulting in poor rankings and limited visibility. Our goal was to improve the blog’s performance and boost its search engine optimization (SEO) to attract more organic traffic and potential clients.

The Approach

To address this challenge, we devised a thorough SEO plan to improve the blog’s content and increase its visibility. The strategy involved the following steps:


  1. Identifying the Opportunity: Our team identified opportunities to enhance the value of the blog interview, understanding the significance of this content piece within the venture capital funding (VCF) space.
  2. Competitive Research: Our SEO specialists conducted in-depth research on similar content in the market to gain insights into the ranking factors and optimize their approach.
  3. Content Enhancement and Production: They devised an SEO outline for a new interview with a Morgan Stanley valuation specialist, recorded it via Zoom to ensure high-quality content, and transcribed the interview. 
  4. Design and Development: Our web development experts then designed and developed the blog on the Founders Circle Capital website, incorporating video clips and eye-catching graphics to enhance appeal and engagement and ensure a seamless user experience




The Results

Since the completion of this 40-hour project, our revamped blog post has led to remarkable outcomes for the client, some of which include:


  1. Keyword Growth: The number of keywords in the top-20 rankings increased from 22 to 70 since the blog’s relaunch in September 2021. Furthermore, we helped the client obtain 80 new non-branded keywords related to ‘409a valuation’ variations, a critical keyword in the venture capital space.
  2. Organic Traffic Increase: The average monthly organic traffic surged from 170 visits to an impressive 460 visits per month, indicating the blog’s heightened visibility and improved performance.
  3. Significant Rankings Improvement: The blog experienced a substantial 218% increase in the number of keywords ranking on pages 1 and 2 of search results, showcasing its enhanced search engine visibility.
  4. Backlink Acquisition: We successfully secured three high-quality backlinks to the blog article in 2023 from pages with an average domain rating of 49, further boosting its credibility and authority.

Thanks to our careful planning, strategic approach, thorough research, and content optimization efforts, we significantly improved the client’s blog post performance. The blog now ranks for more keywords, effectively attracts organic traffic, and garners authoritative backlinks. This success story showcases Avalaunch Media’s ability to deliver tangible results and drive positive outcomes for its clients in the venture capital funding industry.