Planting the Seeds of Dalen Products’ E-Commerce Growth Through SEO


Dalen Products

Business Type:
B2C — Gardening and Outdoor Tools

Project Goal:
E-commerce Enhancement Through SEO

The Challenge

Dalen Products is an e-commerce brand in the gardening and outdoor tool space. Their Shopify website was operating on the wrong theme, which led to functionality problems, and the site also suffered from a lack of valuable content. We were entrusted with the task of revamping the website, resolving technical issues, and enriching it with relevant content to boost organic traffic, user-friendliness, and engagement. Our goal was to help them maximize their digital footprint and enhance their online visibility.

The Approach

Our approach revolved around developing a comprehensive SEO strategy that would transform Dalen Products’ online presence. These were the key steps we took:

  • Comprehensive Technical Audit: We kicked off our strategy with an in-depth website and SEO audit to pinpoint the underlying issues and establish a clear plan. Our audit helped us identify weaknesses in Dalen’s website SEO and user experience and lay the groundwork for targeted improvements. 


  • SEO Optimization & Content Enhancements: Acting on the recommendations from the SEO audit, we meticulously optimized the on-page SEO elements of the product pages to enhance their visibility and drive organic traffic. Additionally, we significantly expanded their keyword targeting to ensure their products effectively reached the right audience. To maximize value, we also added valuable content, made general page enhancements, and even ideated some future blog topic ideas that would help the site’s performance.


  • New Shopify Theme & Site Performance Monitoring: Implementing the new Shopify theme was crucial in achieving our desired functionality and user experience. We also spent some time monitoring site performance and conducted another audit on content to provide valuable insights for Dalen’s end-of-year strategy.

Key SEO Strategy for Dalen Products

Key SEO Strategy for Dalen Products

The Results

Our partnership with Dalen Products brought about some amazing outcomes that underscore the impact of our SEO strategy. Here are some of the results we achieved:


  • In the first 9 months of the fiscal year, Dalen was already up 38% in revenue over all of last year! This accounted for revenue generated on Amazon, Walmart, and on Dalen’s website.
  • Their website experienced a staggering 251% surge in year-over-year organic traffic on a monthly basis.
  • They saw a 100.4% increase in total website keywords that rank on Google, which is helping to boost their online visibility.
  • Their website’s first-page keywords skyrocketed by 199.4%, which has driven better click-through rates and visibility.


Our SEO approach not only contributed to Dalen Products’ revenue growth but is also helping to establish them as an industry authority and earn the trust of their target audience. This case study illustrates the importance of optimizing e-commerce websites through targeted SEO strategies to promote better online visibility and growth.

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