Whitefish Credit Union


Whitefish Credit Union

Business Type:
Financial Institution

Project Goal:
Increase Loan Applications, Organic, and Paid Traffic

The Challenge

White Fish Credit Union approached Avalaunch Media with a clear objective: to enhance their online presence and drive more applications for loans and credit cards. Despite being a trusted financial institution, they faced challenges in effectively reaching potential clients online. Their website was not fully optimized for search engines, and their paid media campaigns were not yielding the desired results in terms of click-through rates and application starts. White Fish Credit Union needed a comprehensive digital strategy that could not only increase
their visibility but also translate into tangible business outcomes.

The Approach

In a comprehensive digital strategy to boost White Fish Credit Union’s online presence, Avalaunch Media developed a content hub for improved user experience and SEO, optimized existing web pages for better search engine rankings, and conducted regular technical SEO audits to identify and rectify issues. Strategic link building aimed to enhance domain authority, with special attention to the Auto Loans page and Credit Card application page. Optimizations were made to Google My Business and other listings. The content was thoroughly audited and optimized to follow SEO best practices. Additionally, paid media strategies included ongoing campaign optimizations with a focus on “application starts” to increase loan and credit card applications, enhancement of landing pages for higher conversion rates, and optimization of video ads to improve engagement.

Growing Credit Union Memberships and New Loan Applications

Growing Credit Union Memberships and New Loan Applications

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The Results

The results we produced were incredible. During the course of our engagement, we completed the following:

  • Organic Traffic: Achieved a 74.34% increase in organic traffic, indicating a stronger online presence.
  • Paid Media Performance: Saw a 145% increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR) for paid media, reflecting more effective ad campaigns.
  • Video Ad Engagement: Over 55% view rate on video ads, showing high audience engagement.
  • Marketing Automation: Achieved 100% automation in email marketing, leading to more efficient lead nurturing.
  • Application Growth: Experienced a 40% year-over-year increase in loan and credit card applications, directly contributing to business growth.

Avalaunch Media has developed a deep expertise in marketing for credit unions. We have worked with many credit unions and financial services companies over the last twenty years and we know what it takes to grow your members. If you are looking for a credit union marketing agency, please contact us today for free consultation.