Dick Hannah

Business Type:
Car Dealership

Project Goal:
Increase Backlinks through Scholarlaunch & Push Organic Youtube Content

The Challenge

Scholarlaunch Link Building: Dick Hannah Auto Dealerships wanted to increase their organic traffic and referring domains through Scholarlaunch link building and PR syndication.


Organic Youtube Content: Dick Hannah Auto Dealerships had several YouTube channels with a limited reach and audience. The ask was to develop an audience, produce content that could rank organically on Google SERPs, and increase YouTube engagement and retention metrics.

The Approach

Scholarlaunch Link Building: Avalaunch Media provided the link-building outreach network to provide the local backlinks required to build better domain authority. Targeting schools local to the Pacific Northwest was key to improving DR in a short time.

Organic Youtube Content: Avalaunch Media produced over 100 video SEO briefs to guide the Dick Hannah video production team on topic, keywords, and best practices for powerful organic performance with their videos.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

The Results

Scholarlaunch Link Building: Between our local-targeted outreach and Dick Hannah’s PR efforts, we’ve driven tremendous increases in referring domains, which have had a strong impact on growing DR, especially last year, gaining a whopping 5 points!

Organic Youtube Content: Dick Hannah managed to tap into several different audience paths for their organic YouTube performance. The channel continues to grow as they develop new content strategies to target growing audience groups.