Turning Clicks Into Cash for Check City With CRO


Check City

Business Type:
B2C Financial Services

Project Goal:
Increase Conversions on Site Page

The Challenge

Check City is a nationwide B2C provider of short-term, installment, and personal loans, prioritizing easy access to funds, convenience, and exceptional online and in-store customer service. While working with Check City, Avalaunch Media’s SEO team noticed that one particular page on the client’s website, the Installment Loans page, wasn’t getting the same traffic as other pages or converting site visitors as effectively. The team made it a goal to identify barriers to conversion and help Check City get more applicants for installment loans.

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The Approach

We took the following steps to optimize the Installment Loans page for conversions:

  1. Analysis and Hypothesis: We started by analyzing the page to determine why conversions weren’t occurring. We hypothesized that there was insufficient information for the user to make a purchase decision or ask the visitor for their contact information. The page did not provide information about installment loans, who they’re meant to help, or the value of Check City’s offering. Additionally, users weren’t being told what would happen if they applied, as the page didn’t set proper expectations. There were also three different CTA buttons, creating CTA fatigue. 
  2. Competitor Research: Our SEO team also did a competitive analysis to validate their findings based on who was ranking organically for the term “installment loans.” Ranking competitors had information about who installment loans are for, how quickly you get the funds, and other elements Check City was missing. 
  3. A/B Testing: We designed and implemented an A/B test to compare the performance of the original page (control) with a variant page featuring our proposed changes. At random, half of the site visitors were sent to the control page, and half were sent to the variant page. We tracked conversions and analyzed results to determine the effectiveness of our CRO strategies.

Avalaunch Media CRO Strategy

Avalaunch Media CRO Strategy

The Results

Our CRO efforts yielded promising improvements in conversion rates and user engagement:


  • Conversion Increase: The variant page saw an 11.54% increase in conversions compared to the control, resulting in 137 more conversions over the same time period.
  • True Increase: However, due to the ambiguity caused by one of the “Apply Now” buttons misleadingly directing users to a careers page instead of a loan application, it’s challenging to know the exact behavior of visitors. If users clicked both “Apply Now” buttons, potentially leading to double-counted conversions, the true increase likely falls between 4% and 6%.


The success of this CRO initiative highlights Avalaunch Media’s ability to identify and address conversion barriers to drive tangible results for our clients. By implementing strategic hypotheses, drawing on competitor insights, and conducting A/B testing, we successfully optimized Check City’s Installment Loans page, resulting in increased conversions and revenue.

Avalaunch Media is a leading digital marketing agency with a proven track record in enhancing conversion rates for B2C businesses. If you’re ready to elevate your CRO strategy, contact us today for a free consultation. If you are interested in CRO and/or A/B Testing for your business, get in contact with an Avalaunch Media representative.