Altius and Avalaunch: A+ Insights for MCAT Marketing


Altius Test Prep

Business Type:
Educational Services

Project Goal:
Market Research

The Challenge

Altius Test Prep is a well-known name in the MCAT preparation field. However, in order to stay ahead of the competition, they needed to understand the specific requirements and preferences of their audience. This meant they had to account for the perspectives of internal stakeholders, current students, and prospective students. To achieve this goal, Altius collaborated with Avalaunch Media. We worked together to unravel the complexities of their audience’s expectations and create a future-ready marketing strategy.


Altius Test Prep aimed to comprehensively understand the needs and preferences of their audience segments. By doing so, they planned to improve their MCAT preparation programs and ensure they meet the unique expectations of their stakeholders. The ultimate goal was to align their marketing strategies with the diverse needs of their audience to create a more customized and effective approach to MCAT preparation.

The Approach

Our team took a methodical approach to the Altius Test Prep focus group project. 


  1. Research: We began by conducting thorough research and formulating insightful questions based on our quantitative data analysis with Converge, a real-time collaboration software platform. 
  2. Collaboration: We worked closely with Altius to gather insights and selected a diverse group of internal stakeholders to ensure varied perspectives.
  3. Current Student Engagement: Based on our findings from Converge and our collaboration with Altius, we facilitated an email outreach campaign to current students. We developed an effective communication strategy and organized a contest with enticing prizes and program-related rewards to capture the interest and participation of current students. 
  4. Prospective Student Outreach: For students who had demonstrated interest in Altius but weren’t enrolled, we leveraged email outreach to incentivize participation with rewards and a chance to win in a specially designed contest. This strategic approach in participant recruitment through direct and engaging email communication ensured a rich diversity of perspectives, which was crucial for shaping a nuanced and targeted marketing strategy.


Through comprehensive research involving internal stakeholders, current students, and prospective students, we gained valuable insights. 


  • Internal stakeholders emphasized the importance of a marketing strategy showcasing Altius’s unique, personalized MCAT prep approach. 
  • Current students valued high-quality study materials and sought more flexibility in program structures with robust support systems. 
  • Prospective students expressed concerns about affordability, desiring customizable study plans and transparent program effectiveness information.


We translated these insights into a targeted marketing strategy that included:


  • A website redesign to highlight Altius’s unique selling propositions like personalized mentorship, flexible schedules, and quality content.
  • Paid media & PPC landing pages focused on targeting specific concerns of affordability and program effectiveness.
  • An SEO & content strategy enhanced to improve visibility for search terms related to customizable MCAT prep plans and success stories.
  • An overall revamped design to resonate with the aspirational and practical needs of prospective medical students.

Altius Test Prep Targeted Marketing Strategy

Altius Test Prep Targeted Marketing Strategy

The Results

These changes had highly positive outcomes: 


  • The redesigned website attracted more engagement by better reflecting Altius’s program uniqueness. 
  • The paid media campaigns successfully increased inquiries and enrollment, emphasizing affordability and customization. 
  • The SEO and content enhancements led to improved search rankings, marked by a:
    • 77.8% increase in organic traffic in three months
    • 32.5% more keywords reached page 1
    • 18 targeted keywords moved into the top 3 positions
  • The redesigned design elements contributed to higher user retention and engagement.


The focus group research we conducted for Altius Test Prep proved instrumental in shaping a targeted and effective marketing strategy. By addressing the specific needs and concerns of each audience segment, Altius was able to enhance its program offerings and marketing communications, which contributed to increased engagement, enrollment, and overall brand resonance in the competitive MCAT prep market.

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