Prescribing SEO Success for the Healthcare Industry


Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

Business Type:

Project Goal:
Boost organic search visibility and engagement

The Challenge

Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (MAPMG), a healthcare provider, sought to enhance their online presence and engagement. Their primary challenge was increasing viewership across various website segments, including blog content, specialties, and provider-related pages. Despite lacking specific goals beyond improving website visibility, they recognized the importance of driving more traffic to their site.

The Approach

To address MAPMG’s challenge and drive improved SEO performance, we undertook a comprehensive strategy that included the following key steps:


  1. Technical SEO Enhancements: We provided technical recommendations and support to overcome challenges related to broken URLs, redirects, meta-tag analysis, and metadata optimization. Our team’s collaboration with an external development team ensured seamless implementation and improved website performance.
  2. Content Strategy Enhancement: By conducting in-depth research on their target topic areas, we guided the production of content that resonated with user intent. This approach led to the creation of top-performing blog posts and drove new entrances to the website. 
  3. On-Page Content Optimization: Our team analyzed and recommended adjustments to headers, body copy, and location information to align with user intent. This strategic refinement helped MAPMG rank for new keywords and improved rankings for both blog content and specialties, driving increased traffic.
  4. Effective Reporting & Analysis: We provided insights from historical performance and campaign data to guide the direction of MAPMG’s strategy. This empowered their team with actionable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Our strategic efforts yielded significant improvements in MAPMG's SEO performance:

Our strategic efforts yielded significant improvements in MAPMG's SEO performance:

The Results

  1. Overall Website Traffic: Achieved a robust 39% year-over-year increase and demonstrated enhanced visibility and engagement across the entire site.
  2. Blog Section Traffic: Experienced an exceptional 1,953% year-over-year increase, highlighting the success of content strategy enhancements. Identifying relevant keywords of interest helped them produce 3 of the website’s biggest entrance-driving pieces in the last 12 months. 
  3. Specialties & Institutes Traffic: Saw an impressive 928% year-over-year increase, underscoring the effectiveness of targeted content creation.
  4. Provider Section Traffic: Recorded a solid 37% year-over-year increase, showcasing improved visibility for provider-related pages.


Through technical SEO improvements, data-driven content strategy, on-page optimization, and insightful reporting, Avalaunch Media successfully propelled MAPMG’s online visibility and engagement and helped them achieve substantial growth in website traffic across various segments.

Avalaunch Media is a proven healthcare SEO agency with years of experience. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency with a background in healthcare, please reach out to us for a free consultation today.