Brand exposure. Interventional Vascular and Vein Center was looking to ramp up its brand exposure as well as increase its Utah industry rankings. They had tried another SEO firm in the past but were not satisfied with the results. Enter Avalaunch Media.


Measurable KPI’s. The Avalaunch team created and implemented an accurate tracking infrastructure and planned out the most effective KPI’s. The team started with a technical site audit, to ensure all crawl efficiencies were in place. The SEO team worked with Ivein to set goals for traffic and leads, and to develop a content marketing strategy for an improved link portfolio and awareness for the Ivein brand.


Increased traffic. The Ivein site experienced an 86% increase in traffic in quarter three, compared to the same period in the previous year. Ivein also secured several first-page rankings for industry keywords. Through an SEO strategy that also utilized the power of content marketing they were able to get top-tier pick up in Huffington Post and Allure Magazine for the info- graphic “What are Varicose Veins.”