Welcome to The Launch Party: An Avalaunch Media Podcast

For the first time, Ava teammates Luke and Julia take you inside Avalaunch Media in a podcast series that only a world class digital agency could deliver. We’ll pull back the curtains on viral content pieces and how they were created, agency growth, the teammates who make it all happen, our culture, digital media strategies, running an agency, why we believe in Yetis and more! Get launched with us!

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“I love the energy of the podcast and the fun conversation. It was easy to listen to!”

Maile W.
Digital Marketer

Season 1: A Peek Inside Avalaunch

Available now!

EPISODE 1: What Drives Winning Company Culture at Avalaunch Media

What goes on behind the scenes to make a great company culture? We explore that in this episode. We talk with several Avalaunchers and got their perspective on ways we recognize each other, our charity initiatives, our parties, our health initiatives, Yoga with Mary, Lunch and Learns, the 2020 Launch People program and well, more!

Episode One

EPISODE 2: How They Built This: The Story Behind the Founders of Avalaunch Media

 In 2008 Avalaunch had 6 clients and no employees and worked out of Andrew Melchior’s mom’s basement, 12 years later we have hundreds of clients, over 50 employees and our offices span 2 floors in the heart of Silicone Slopes, Utah with remote offices in Arizona and San Francisco. Hear from the founders themselves as they share their story of building a successful and thriving business.

Episode Two

EPISODE 3: Behind the Scenes of Avalaunch Media & Google Conference

Twice a year Avalaunch puts on a two day co-hosted event with Google where we bring in world class speakers to talk digital marketing strategies and tactics. This year was in Sundance, Utah and the event was full of memorable skiing, learning and networking. Hear what goes on behind the scenes to put on an amazing conference!

Episode Three

EPISODE 4: Social MEOWDia: The Most Successful Content in Avalaunch History

We sit down with Mat Siltala and Dave Mink and dissect how the idea and execution of Social MEOWDia came to be. This was a viral piece of content marketing that was successfully repurposed several times and was licensed by companies, universities and even governments. Hear the full story.

Episode Four

EPISODE 5: Chatting with Avalaunch Client and MLB MVP: Dale and Nancy Murphy Full Interview

Dale Murphy is an Avalaunch Media speaker, client and friend. He’s also a father of 8 children, 12 grandchildren, played in MLB for 19 years and 2x MLB MVP. We got a chance to sit down with Dale and Nancy Murphy and discuss his successes on and off the field.

Episode Five