Fresh Ideas in Aisle Five! Avalaunch Media's Supermarket Brand Relaunch


Woods Supermarket

Business Type:
B2C — Food & Beverage

Project Goal:
Brand Relaunch

The Challenge

Woods Supermarket, a beloved grocery store with deep roots in Missouri, faced a pressing challenge when it came to Avalaunch Media. Its long-standing brand image was failing to resonate with the changing preferences of younger, more affluent demographics. Woods found itself lagging behind the industry and struggled to attract and retain this vital market segment. 


Recognizing the urgent need to refresh its brand identity, Woods sought Avalaunch Media’s expertise in navigating this transformation and reconnecting with the sought-after demographic while retaining its current customer base. Our goal for them was to create a cohesive brand and an omnichannel experience for customers across every touchpoint and channel, including the offline, online, and in-store experiences. We sought to reposition their aging brand to target a younger demographic with greater spending power.

The Approach

At Avalaunch Media, our approach always begins with in-depth market research and analysis. Rather than leaving Woods to guess what their shoppers wanted, we delved deep into understanding their consumers’ preferences, behaviors, and trends. Using data analytics and comprehensive surveys, we unearthed invaluable insights that informed every aspect of the rebranding strategy. This ensured Woods wouldn’t waste their marketing budget taking shots in the dark but instead crafted targeted, resonant campaigns that spoke directly to their audience’s desires.

Here are a few of the actions we took as a result of our research findings:

  • In-store focus groups: To ensure a thorough understanding of customer perceptions and needs, we facilitated interactive focus groups involving 2,400 customers and employees to validate a hypothesis around a “fast and fresh” branding approach. These groups allowed us to gather firsthand feedback and valuable insights.


  • Social & competitor audit: We reviewed top competitors, looking at their posting cadences, engagement, content types, and more. We then made recommendations based on our findings around campaigns that educate, engage, and inspire. Our team also conducted an in-depth study of competitor messaging, websites, in-store experiences, and content.


  • New brand messaging & style guide: Drawing from our research findings, we determined that Woods needed a new brand messaging and style guide. These would be meticulously crafted to resonate with the target audience and capture their attention and loyalty.


  • Brand activation strategy: Focusing on intrinsic value and genuine connections, we devised a brand activation strategy designed to strengthen brand loyalty by creating meaningful experiences with consumers. We focused on shared purpose and “gravity generators” with the audience, including delivering intrinsic value, facilitating peer connections, developing social currency, and creating experiences through combining “big” and “little” data.


  • Digital marketing plan: Using cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and innovative strategies that aren’t used as often on supermarket brands, we designed and executed a comprehensive digital marketing plan to effectively reach the younger demographic. From targeted social media campaigns to personalized email marketing, our approach ensured maximum visibility and engagement across digital channels. Our comprehensive marketing strategy included a website redesign, a paid media campaign, a social media campaign, search engine optimization, and an email campaign.

Woods Supermarket's Brand Relaunch Strategy

Woods Supermarket's Brand Relaunch Strategy

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The Results

“Avalaunch brought fresh and insightful strategies that we would not have come up with on our own. We were impressed with every aspect of the marketing and branding plan!” — Sterling Green, Director of Marketing, Woods Supermarket

Our market research, competitor analyses, and focus groups helped us discover that high-quality produce, fast service, a clean and open store, friendly staff, and treating employees well are most important to their audience in a grocery store. We also found that consumers wanted a relatable, humanized brand showcasing local, fresh food. Here’s what we did with this information:


  • A focus on freshness followed by service speed: We adjusted the Woods Supermarket core messaging to center on “freshness” first and foremost, followed by “fast” service. 


  • New in-store experience: We helped Woods improve their in-store experience to meet young shoppers’ expectations. This included offering grocery pickup and delivery, ensuring a clean store, highlighting local food, and offering high-quality produce. 


  • Website refresh: The Woods team used the insights we uncovered from our market research to refresh their website, making it appeal to younger demographics and adjusting the content to balance existing expectations with these new services and value propositions.


In the end, implementing in-store changes, the website redesign, and our innovative digital marketing strategies resulted in increased visits and purchases, exemplifying the impact of targeted marketing. Through in-depth research and a refined brand approach centered on freshness and speed, Woods was able to appeal to a younger, more affluent audience. This comprehensive omnichannel approach repositioned the brand as a relevant and appealing grocery store choice and highlighted Avalaunch Media’s skill set in guiding brands toward sustained growth and relevance. If you are interested in a brand relaunch or any other marketing services please get in touch with us!