EarthX Digs Deep to Plant New Roots and Grow



Business Type:
Nonprofit Environmental Organization

Project Goal:
Attract new sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees

The Challenge

EarthX is an international nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to educating and inspiring people and organizations to take action towards a more sustainable future worldwide.

In 2019, EarthX experienced great success with their annual conference. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their in-person events were shut down. When EarthX attempted to resume their in-person events in 2022, they had a disappointing turnout. This was a major setback for EarthX, and they knew they needed to take action to ensure their 2023 event succeeded. 

The organization’s main goal was to attract new sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees to help build their brand and continue their mission of promoting environmental awareness, education, and sustainability. In order to achieve this, EarthX sought out the expertise of Avalaunch Media to develop and execute a marketing strategy that would help them reach their goals and ensure their 2023 event paid off.

The Approach

To drive exhibitors, our team created targeted email campaigns that showcased the benefits of exhibiting at the EarthX event. These emails emphasized the organization’s mission of promoting environmental awareness and sustainability and highlighted the opportunity to connect with a diverse audience of industry professionals and potential customers. Additionally, we optimized the organization’s website for keywords and user-friendliness to increase the likelihood of sign-ups among potential exhibitors and attendees.

Key steps in the EarthX campaign

Key steps in the EarthX campaign

EarthX group at an event.

The Results

Despite only having 4.5 months to work with, we achieved outstanding results. With a focus on driving exhibitors, our team obtained 469 exhibitors at $2,800 per booth, resulting in a total of $1.3 million in revenue. Additionally, we generated over 8,000 leads for the sales team to close for exhibit booths. Our team was even able to generate over 5,000 attendees with a shoestring budget and reduced the cost per attendee to just $10.

Email marketing was a key aspect of the marketing strategy, and the results were remarkable, with phenomenal open rates averaging 25% — and some of the emails we created had over 40% open rates. The use of targeted headlines was instrumental in achieving these outstanding results. 

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