Investing in Style: Fidelity + Avalaunch Video Production


Fidelity Investments

Business Type:
Financial Services

Project Goal:
Video Production & Lead Generation

The Challenge

Fidelity Investments came to us wanting to widen its audience to include 18- to 30-year-old females, who were not yet a significant part of their current demographic. The challenge was to create content that was informative, helpful, and also fun and engaging. To achieve this, our team was tasked with developing a content strategy that would target this demographic through a series of concise and to-the-point videos.

The primary objective was to educate young women about the basics of investing and money management using short, engaging videos. Fidelity aimed to connect with a younger demographic by presenting financial information in a manner that resonated with their interests and preferences.

The Approach

Here’s a breakdown of the steps we took to achieve our project goals:

  1. Audience research: We conducted in-depth research on the preferences and behaviors of the target audience. Understanding their likes and habits was necessary for tailoring the content to be relatable.
  2. Simplified language: Recognizing the need for accessibility, we recommended minimizing financial jargon. The aim was to ensure that young female consumers felt a direct connection to the content.
  3. Engaging visuals and analogies: In addition to using simplified language, the team also incorporated engaging visuals and analogies. Each video was centered around a common theme, such as relating credit and debit to sports. The content was designed to be visually appealing and made use of simple graphics to enhance engagement.
  4. Strategic placement: The videos were strategically placed on apps, courses, and educational platforms frequented by the target demographic. This ensured that the content reached the intended audience in spaces they already engaged with.

Avalaunch Media / Fidelity Video Strategy

Avalaunch Media / Fidelity Video Strategy

The Results

Our partnership with Fidelity yielded 10 fun, high-quality videos tailored for Fidelity’s target audience. Check out some of our favorites!

While specific metrics are pending public release, Fidelity’s recent feedback provides a glimpse into the success of the project. In a quarterly business review, our team received a stellar rating of 10 for overall experience, communication, reporting, quality of deliverables, timeliness, and overall performance of managed marketing channels. Our point of contact had this to say about their overall experience with us:

“The Avalaunch team is professional, well-organized, and very willing to receive and respond to feedback. The team did a great job digesting our ask, delving into our creative standards, and making multiple rounds of adjustments to provide a creative solution that we moved forward with.”

Regarding the videos, they said:

“The overall production quality of the video deliverables was very good. The team provided effective solutions whenever we encountered occasional technical issues. Video projects are time-consuming, and especially with this project and working on 10 videos in a waterfall approach, there were a lot of moving parts, and deadlines were consistently met.”

Our engagement with Fidelity exemplifies a successful venture into highly targeted video content tailored to a new audience. With positive feedback across all aspects of the engagement, including communication, quality, and timeliness, our strategic and creative approach proved instrumental in achieving Fidelity’s goals and creating impactful content for young female investors. If you are interested in video content to leverage your business’s organic reach, please get in touch with an Avalauch representative today!

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