Your Living Proof


Your Living Proof

Business Type:
Nonprofit Organization- Addiction Recovery

Project Goal:
Event Awareness & Attendance

The Challenge

Your Living Proof empowers families affected by addiction by providing education and support services for families and spouses. They offer free and paid resources, including masterclasses, podcasts, newsletters, personalized coaching, and more.

We began our partnership with Your Living Proof in February of 2023. In celebration of the owner’s 16th year of sobriety and Mental Health Awareness Month (May), Your Living Proof decided to put together an event to provide addiction resources to the public. They approached us with the idea and asked for help putting it together and would need help obtaining a space in which to host the festivities as well as assistance in getting out the word about the event. Being firm believers in this cause, we were more than happy to oblige!

The Approach

Being partnered with Kiln, a boutique coworking space for rent, we spotted an opportunity to reach out to this partner on behalf of Your Living Proof and offer them the chance to host this nonprofit mental health awareness activity. Kiln immediately caught the vision of the event and graciously donated the space for the night. 

Additionally, as part of our Avalaunch Gives Back Club Q2 initiative, we determined that our employees would help support the activity in an administrative capacity, volunteering to welcome guests, handle registrations, pass out food, set up tables, move chairs, take pictures, and ensure that the night flowed smoothly so the owners could enjoy the evening. Our employees also reached out to Avalaunch clients and identified sponsorship opportunities.

To spread the word about the “More Than Awareness” event, our teams also put their marketing skills to work and created:

  • Digital invitations for email and social media
  • Unique QR code inserts for swag bags
  • Event schedules
  • And more



4 Pillars of Avalaunch Media Marketing Strategy

4 Pillars of Avalaunch Media Marketing Strategy

The Results

The Deatons who own Your Living Proof were ecstatic with how the night turned out. In fact, the event sold out, and the venue was at capacity! Danny, the primary point of contact, loved the luxury of living in the moment as Avalaunch handled the details. He described the event as “a huge success on all accounts” and was elated to have obtained more testimonials for his organization than he expected — and powerful ones, at that! You can view some of them below: