Bouncing to the Top: Jungle Jumparoo’s PPC Success Story


Jungle Jumparoo

Business Type:
B2C — Children's Toys

Project Goal:
Improve PPC Performance

The Challenge

Jungle Jumparoo, a B2C children’s toy brand, approached Avalaunch Media for PPC management in 2022 after experiencing exceptional performance during the pandemic year of 2021. Despite their previous successes, their PPC campaigns were not yielding results comparable to the previous year. Our challenge was to reinvigorate their PPC strategy and regain the remarkable growth they had seen previously.

The Approach

To address Jungle Jumparoo’s PPC challenge, we undertook a comprehensive strategy realignment, which included the following key steps:


  1. In-Depth Analysis: Our team conducted a thorough analysis of their existing PPC campaigns, identifying underperforming areas and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Enhanced Keyword and Market Research: We delved deeper into keyword and market research to better understand their target audience, which enabled us to refine our approach for more relevant and effective campaigns.
  3. Revamped Campaigns and Ads: We planned and implemented new campaigns, leveraging user-generated content (UGC) ads to enhance engagement and appeal. Additionally, we introduced fresh ad creatives for testing.
  4. Expanding to New Platforms: Recognizing the need to diversify, we introduced Pinterest as a new advertising platform to tap into a broader audience and extend Jungle Jumparoo’s reach.

PPC Strategy for Jungle Jumparoo

PPC Strategy for Jungle Jumparoo

The Results

Our strategic efforts translated into substantial growth for Jungle Jumparoo’s PPC campaigns:


  1. Revenue Surge: Year over year (Q1+Q2 2022/Q1+Q2 2023), we achieved an impressive 84.37% increase in revenue from advertising platforms.
  2. Improved ROAS: Our targeted approach led to a 61.23% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and showcased the efficiency of our campaigns.
  3. Facebook Performance: We generated a remarkable 248% increase in Facebook revenue, effectively capitalizing on the platform’s potential.
  4. Pinterest Success: The introduction of Pinterest as a new advertising avenue contributed an additional $47,300 in revenue, expanding Jungle Jumparoo’s revenue streams.
  5. Google ROAS Enhancement: Our strategic adjustments led to a 53% increase in Google ROAS while simultaneously decreasing Google spend by 16%.

The Jungle Jumparoo success story illustrates Avalaunch Media’s ability to revitalize and optimize PPC campaigns, driving substantial growth in revenue and ROAS. By implementing a multifaceted approach, leveraging user-generated content, and exploring new platforms, we successfully propelled Jungle Jumparoo’s B2C growth trajectory.

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