Weaving PPC Success for Woolroom



Business Type:
eCommerce - Bedding

Project Goal:
Grow Revenue & ROAS

The Challenge

Woolroom, a thriving e-commerce brand specializing in premium wool products, came to Avalaunch Media for help with a PPC challenge. The brand needed to scale its revenue while upholding a 3x+ Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Simultaneously, there was a pressing need to boost brand awareness, a critical aspect of long-term growth in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape.

Our primary challenge was to craft a marketing strategy that could effectively balance these dual objectives — revenue growth and brand expansion — while adhering to the ROAS target. This multifaceted challenge required a comprehensive approach. It meant not only optimizing the efficiency of their advertising campaigns but also telling their brand’s unique story to a broader audience. It involved strategic choices related to the allocation of resources, campaign diversification, and early adoption of new channels to gain a competitive edge. 

This challenge was an opportunity for us to craft a marketing strategy for Woolroom that would ultimately take their brand to the next level and establish them as a dominant force in the e-commerce wool industry.

The Approach

  • Smart shopping campaign optimization: Our strategy began with breaking smart shopping campaigns into product-specific campaigns with ROAS targets based on margin analysis. This precision ensured every advertising dollar was intelligently invested and ROI-maximized. 
  • Introduce tailored creative elements: In the next phase, we introduced a creative twist by incorporating tailored elements into the campaigns. These creatives added a layer of sophistication to make the ads more enticing and engaging to the target audience.  
  • Exploration of PMax strategies: As we gathered data and insights, our focus naturally evolved and led us to explore PMax strategies, where the objective was to further fine-tune the bidding process and allocation of resources. This strategy phase aimed to optimize ad spend efficiency and ensure that every penny contributed to Woolroom’s growth and profitability.
  • YouTube campaign launch: To boost brand awareness, we also strategically decided to launch campaigns on YouTube. This channel served as a valuable platform for reaching a broader audience and increasing Woolroom’s brand visibility.
  • Meta Advantage+ campaign types on Facebook: We also helped Woolroom enter the realm of Facebook advertising by implementing the new Meta Advantage+ campaign types. This move helped the brand tap into Facebook’s extensive user base and leverage its innovative campaign features. It also allowed Woolroom to seamlessly combine various ad types into a unified campaign structure and served as a powerful tool for guiding their engagement across the entire customer journey. Meta’s advanced machine learning algorithms further optimized campaign performance, allowing Woolroom to derive maximum value from their efforts.

Early adoption of new channel campaign types: Ultimately, we helped Woolroom position itself as an early adopter of emerging channel campaign types. This proactive approach provided a competitive edge and opened doors to innovative ways of reaching the target audience.

Woolroom PPC Strategy

Woolroom PPC Strategy

The Results

We took over Woolroom’s PPC strategy in January 2021 and worked on it for almost three years. Our efforts resulted in a significant transformation, particularly in terms of revenue. We made strategic adjustments that helped boost revenue by a remarkable 294.86%, increasing it from $950,106 to $3,751,551.

Despite an increase of 350.41% in ad spend from $242,495 to $1,092,222, the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) decreased slightly by 12.33%, shifting from 3.92 to 3.43. This decrease in ROAS indicates a calculated trade-off between increased spend and exceptional revenue growth, reflecting an expansion of the ad campaign’s scope and effectiveness under our management.

Finally, the introduction of video advertising — with the Video Spend Ratio climbing from 0% to 5.5% — illustrates a diversification in advertising channels, which has enhanced Woolroom’s brand visibility. This improvement likely contributed to the phenomenal growth in Brand Search Volume, which skyrocketed by a massive 2,623.96%, from 1,707 to 46,498. The significant progress in brand awareness, as indicated by this metric, shows the successful implementation of branding strategies and highlights the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach. We not only drove revenue up but also grew Woolroom’s brand presence in the market significantly.

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