History of Marketing Channels Revisited

In October of 2009, we ran the first version of this very popular infographic which has been used in a lot of innovative ways by different companies! From a very cool analysis of the transition we are all seeing in customer engagement strategies (see Razorfish’s Liminal) to a cool poster that was given away as swag to marketing geeks.

As I said back in 2009, the most fascinating aspect of this graphic is the explosion of marketing tactics available to businesses since the onset of Al Gore’s invention the Internet. That said, three years have passed and countless new marketing opportunities have arisen including absolute game changing technologies (hello iPad) and websites (yes we are talking about you Pinterest) that definitely deserve a mention.

We hope you all enjoy this version of The Timeline of Marketing Channels as much as you did three years ago! If you’d like to make a case for including some strategy, technology, platform or website we probably purposely left out we may have missed, please do so in the comments.