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11 Ways to Effectively Spend Your End-of-Year Use It or Lose It Budgets

Though it may seem unlikely, you may find yourself in a situation where you have leftover marketing budget from the year. This can be a good thing, but it may also trigger a panic mode about there only being a handful of weeks left to apply the budget. Some corporations have an allotted yearly budget […]

Now I SEE It – The Future of Social Media = Images

Last month I was invited to speak in downtown Salt Lake City at the local Utah Social Media Club event, thanks for the invite Doc and team.  The topic for the evening was Past, Present, and Future of social media.  I spent most of my time looking to the future of social media where I […]

Avalaunch Media Does the Dirty Dash

You don’t really know what dirty is until you’ve done the Dirty Dash.  This year Avalaunch Media sponsored a team of employees and their families, challenging them to get dirty at the Dirty Dash 2013 event held at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah!  It was a great race and made for an awesome company event […]

Content, Contests, and Creativity: Seven Lessons on Using Pinterest

Pinterest offers its users a unique experience: to organize and share the things that catch their interest. The third most-used social networking site, Pinterest’s unique pinboard format capitalizes on people’s need for beauty and being able to create, share, and connect. “Our goal,” states the Pinterest website,  “is to connect everyone in the world through […]

Five Lessons in Successful Rebranding

What’s in a name?  Nothing that can’t be changed. Almost daily, companies shed old identities in place of newer distinctions.  Rebranding, however,  isn’t always as drastic as a new name, logo, and tagline, it may simply involve updating a logo, changing a tagline, or highlighting a new offering to customers. Rebranding company identity is a […]

PPC Manager Needed – Avalaunch Media is Hiring

Avalaunch Media is looking for the next up and coming Pay Per Click star to join our team. We need a part-time PPC manager to take on new and existing clients and launch them to results they never thought possible! Pay is based on experience. As a Paid Search manager you will have the opportunity […]