This has been a long time in the making. Over 4 years ago, February 2012 we dropped “Social MeOWdia Explained” during SearchFest 2012 and it became an instant hit. Every single day this graphic continues to get shares and mentions, as well as used in presentations all over the country. Government and Education use this graphic and it has been translated into 5 different languages (by request).

I have been asked over and over and over recently to “update” the graphic. I decided that I wanted to bring it back to where it all started for us with this graphic, SearchFest.

The original Social MeOWdia was mine, and David Mink’s creation that came to be, simply because at the moment I happened to be really upset with Yelp. The reset is history, and we hope you love version 2, or the “REDUX” as we like to call it in the office.

I love how many people this graphic has connected with (and touched). I also hope this version does 100x better, so feel free to share everywhere! (with proper attribution to Avalaunch Media, of course)

Learn more about our infographic creation services and enjoy!

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