Marketing automation creates pathways to generate more leads, nurture existing leads, increase revenue, and send personalized and highly relevant communications to your customers. Studies show that nearly 80% of inbound leads don’t convert and marketing automation allows you to nurture your contacts with highly customized messages that increase conversions and revenue.

Marketing automation is a software that streamlines, automates, and accurately measures the effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns. It’s also designed to automate repetitive, time-consuming marketing tasks which allows you to optimize your time. Avalaunch Media has an experienced marketing automation team with years of experience. We’d love to chat about your current needs and build a customized plan!

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What Marketing Automation Can Do

  • Generate and track leads through the funnel
  • Nurture leads with hyper-specific email marketing
  • Develop high-converting landing pages
  • Connect with social media platforms
  • Help retain and extend customer relationships
  • Gather real-time analytics and collect historical data

Preferred Platforms and Certifications

Automation Services

Are you just getting started with marketing automation? Or have you tried it out in the past? We help brands develop hyper-targeted and converting automation strategies aimed at increasing brand awareness, lead databases, and most importantly, revenue.

We’re certified in many different marketing automation platforms. We help clients set up and manage their platform, build marketing and sales assets, import and segment audience lists, track leads and contacts, and implement communication strategies in each part of the marketing funnel.

Platform Management
Lead Generation

Marketing automation makes lead generation easier, cheaper, and more relevant for consumers. We develop and execute on plans to generate more leads. Creating high-converting landing pages, lead forms, and email captures are just some of the strategies that, when tied to marketing automation, turn leads into customers.

Acquiring a lead is just the beginning. On average, only 20% of leads are ready to make a purchase upon first contact with a brand. We craft the processes to turn new and cold leads into sales qualified leads (SQLs) and marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). Lead nurturing can result in 45–50% more SQLs at a 33% lower cost.

Lead Nurturing
Email Marketing

Email marketing is a critical marketing tactic, but email is just one piece of the overall marketing automation pie. We create the strategies, campaign flows, and assets to execute automated email communication with prospects and customers. Marketing automation allows brands to develop batched emails, dynamic/personalized content, and real-time triggered emails based on events and customer behavior.

Go beyond simply publishing content and start using marketing automation to turn social communications into revenue. We tie marketing automation software directly into social media platforms to develop social sharing campaigns and hyper-targeted advertisements and content for prospects and current customers.

Social Media Automation
Client Love

Avalaunch has been a great partner for many projects. They were able to quickly understand our objectives, brand nuances, and devise content that drove results. They understand digital marketing – creating awesome content tied to effective promotion.

This project has been highly leveraged and used for all of the brands and sent to the CEO every month. It has been really successful and gotten a lot of mileage. Overall this has been a great vehicle for us to communicate insights.

Avalaunch is very solid at SEO with a finger on the pulse.  I have seen some of his work and some of his sites rank very high for some of the most competitive keywords/phrases on the web.

Avalaunch Media is everything you could ask for in a marketing agency.  They listened to our needs, made sure they understood our market, and created an infographic that delivered 110%.  Hire these guys

The Avalaunch team played like a champion every day we worked with them!  They are true professional and know digital marketing.  We had them build an interactive eBook that is filled with great picture, music, video, etc.  They captured our vision for the eBook and we couldn’t be happier with the final product.  I would give Avalaunch Media our strongest recommendation!

Gap Brands
CBS Interactive
Rudy Reuttiger

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