Do you like Sponsored Tweets?

sponsoredtweetsI recently tried Sponsored Tweets as a publisher. I’d forgotten I signed up until I got an offer to tweet. I looked at the landing page and the ad and decided to give it a try.

The tweet I sent was clearly marked as an ad. I made $9.95 for the click (the advertiser paid roughly double that amount). Not bad. But what I liked more is that the advertiser went to my site and contacted me about writing some press releases. They become a new client.

Now I’m looking into Sponsored Tweets as an advertiser. There are very affordable options for people with large or very targeted networks (here’s a list – celebrity tweeters always come up first unless you choose to hide them. Type in a tag to narrow the list.). Example: Shoemoney (who charges $470.54 a tweet, which has obviously gone up). I believe advertisers can make an offer.

Here’s my Sponsored Tweets page so you can see what advertisers see.

You can write an ad, or let the person write the ad or let them decide. I would give them a tweet but leave the option open for them to change it. Why? To save time for those who want it to be quick and to let the person tweeting change the ad to fit their audience. Put it in their own voice. They must disclose that the tweet is an ad or it won’t be approved.

You can also leave the time open or ask them to send the tweet between certain times. I’d choose to send it out during a time range in the middle of the day.

Next I want to try this as an advertiser. I talked to Sponsored Tweets yesterday and learned more.

  • They come up with a price per tweet but the person can raise that amount to whatever they choose.
  • The average amount to pay is $15 per tweet. That would mean the person you sponsored gets $7.50.
  • There are more than 12,000 people in the database. They have to have at least 200 followers and the account must be at least 4 months old.
  • When you refer people you make 10% of what they make. Sort of like an MLM but only one level. If you liked this post, please consider using my link.

What I love most about Sponsored Tweets? It’s easy to use and a quick way to make money if you get an offer that fits your audience. You can get highly relevant ads out very quickly and with a lot less “know how” than Google Adwords.

What I’d like to know is what tags to use – like keyword research to see what 140 characters worth of tags I should put on my profile. The reason this system works is because there is so much transparency and choice on both sides.

If you have a new campaign I suggest giving Sponsored Tweets a try.

Have you tried Sponsored Tweets? What do you think?

1 thoughts on “Do you like Sponsored Tweets?

  1. Dataflurry says:

    I am out of the loop, I didn’t know that sponsored tweets were gaining popularity. I heard about it once from ShoeMoney, that is it. I personally wouldn’t like to see constant sponsored tweets, but occasionally it isn’t a big deal IMO

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