Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” — Bill Gates, 1996

Even though Bill Gates said this back in 1996, it’s still just as accurate today — marketing automation makes it easier to run a business and reach clients. In order for marketing automation to be successful, though, you need to have an efficient system in place. Once effective strategies are implemented, automation will help that system run smoothly. 

Marketing Automation Terms

There are a few terms in marketing automation that are often confused — email campaigns, email series, and automated email flows. They sound the same, but they are all very different parts of marketing automation. Let’s take a look at the differences between each of these terms.

Email Campaign

An email campaign is a one-off email sent to the general list of people. When you hear the phrase “email marketing,” it’s usually referencing this type of marketing. Email campaigns can be batched and blasted in terms of email sending.


Sneaker email

Email Series

An email series refers to one or multiple emails sent to a segmented list of a client’s audience. This list is based on the activity or opt-in of the contact. If customers are on this list, their needs or desires lead to a common goal. An email series can be scheduled but can’t be fully automated.


Mother's Day blender promotion email
Mother's Day blender promotion email
Mother's Day blender promotion email

Automated Email Flow

An automated email flow is an automatic process in which data initiates an email delivery to specific recipients in a timely manner without supervision. Data integration must exist to create a trigger that starts the workflow. 


Meal delivery email
Meal delivery email
Meal delivery email

Projects to Avoid

Some projects included under marketing automation might come up, but they are not the same thing. A couple of examples are cold outreach emails and CRM management. While both have their place, they don’t belong in the same category as marketing automation.

Cold Outreach Email

Cold outreach emails are not the same as marketing automation emails. Cold email outreach is when emails are sent to people who don’t know the company yet. Marketing emails go to specific audiences who have already opted in to receive emails from the company. A cold email outreach message is for brand-new prospects.

CRM Management

Marketing automation is not the same as CRM, either. CRM setup, sales process/lead assignment, and attribution setup are not in the same wheelhouse as marketing automation. Many programs have capabilities for both, but Avalaunch Media® handles the implementation of marketing techniques rather than CRM management.

The Flywheel Model

The Flywheel model encourages a business’s organic and lasting growth. It has a holistic view of marketing efforts. Using it allows for more proactive, strategic thinking rather than reactive, under-the-gun projects. 

flywheel model

In Stage 1, you should include the following emails:

  • Browsed Abandon Flow (2-3 emails)
  • Subscriber/Follower Flow (2-4 emails)
  • First Purchase Offer Flow (2-4 emails)
  • Giveaway Registrants Flow (3-4 emails)

Stage 2 should include:

  • Downloaded or Viewed Content Flow (2-3 emails)
  • Connect on Social Media Flow (1-3 emails)
  • Welcome/Re-introduction Flows (2-3 emails)
  • Abandoned Cart Flows (3-5 emails)
  • Incoming Lead Nurture Flow (2-4 emails)

Your Stage 3 should have these emails:

  • Event Attendance Flow, i.e., Webinar (2-3 emails)
  • Post-Purchase Follow-Up (4-5 emails)
  • Replenishment Flow (2-3 emails)

Stage 4 involves:

  • Upsell/Cross-Sell Flow (3-4 emails)
  • Refer a Friend (2-3 emails)
  • Monthly Promotions

In Stage 5, include:

  • Win Back Flow (1-2 emails)
  • Sunset Unengaged (remove unengaged contacts)
  • Subscriber Flow (4-5 emails)
  • Cancel Subscription Win Back


Marketing automation can be a good move if you already have an efficient system in place. It can make running a business more manageable because it will reach your customers without much work from you. Just make sure you’re clear on the different marketing automation terms and what doesn’t fall in that category. 

If you have questions about how Avalaunch Media® can help you launch your marketing automation, check out our website and contact us today!

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