2022 SEO Updates

The year 2022 holds many new possibilities for search engine optimization (SEO). Every day, the practice of SEO continues to evolve as it becomes more complex and precise. For something that has only been around for a little over 20 years, this analytical tool has made itself invaluable to the online community. 

If you’re new to SEO, this article can serve as your guide to the latest SEO news of 2022. But before we go over that, let’s take a look at how far SEO has come. From there, we can move on to the future and possibilities of SEO. Keep reading to learn about SEO in 2022 and to see what the future of SEO holds.

SEO Getting Its Start

To understand the latest SEO trends, you first need to understand SEO in general. SEO entered the general lexicon in 1997. At that time, Google didn’t even exist. There were other search engines, but they didn’t have the complexity or power they do today. They acted more like directories. Because no algorithms were in place, there weren’t really rules for displaying results. As companies noticed their URLs weren’t as prominent as they would have liked them to be, the idea of SEO was born.

With SEO, companies were able to vie for that top position on the search engine results page (SERP). A new method of digital marketing was born as companies sought to outrank each other online. And while SEO might not have been one of the top marketing strategies in the late 90s, it’s definitely made itself a priority since then. By implementing SEO best practices, you can attract more attention to your business, generate more traffic, and benefit from increased recognition and sales.

SEO Hitting Its Stride

SEO is no longer a simple directory of available services and products. Today, SEO strategies can make or break businesses looking to make their mark in their chosen industry. Whether you’ve been using SEO and are interested in learning what’s new with SEO in 2022 or you’re brand new to this marketing strategy, here’s what you need to know about Google’s algorithm updates for 2022.


As Google updates its technology, SEO gets more precise — and with each update, quality content across your blog, website, and SERP meta descriptions becomes increasingly important. It’s essential to make sure your keywords, H1s, and content are all correlated so customers understand what services you offer. When people find content about the topic they’ve searched for, it keeps them engaged and active on your website.

Google also updates its analytic software — for example, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) — so you can take advantage of even more data. This data can be personalized to provide accurate results relating to your organization’s goals and metrics. By analyzing these accurate assessments, you can take stock of how well your website is performing and make necessary tweaks to increase your website’s performance.


Just because you can find a way to repetitively use keywords to keyword stuff your page doesn’t mean you should; this antiquated practice is no longer beneficial and may even incur a penalty, as it violates the SERP rules. With more precise algorithm updates comes the need for better website optimization. Optimizing your website means ensuring each page is well-written, informative, free of duplicate content and repetition, and spurs the reader to action. Be sure to include all the critical points for top SEO performance — keywords, link building, original content, and working pages in moderation. Google will recognize your website as being well-optimized and reward you with higher SERP rankings.


As Google updates its algorithms and new SEO trends debut, they all have something in common — relevance. Google now works overtime to improve your search engine experience. This means matching information based on previous searches, page visits, and more. Suggesting pages and results combined with relevant search terms provides web readers, consumers, and customers with a more relevant and rewarding search experience. Consumers get more personalized search results, and corporations can get more relevant information.

Trending Features

While accuracy, optimization, and relevance are the SEO trifecta, many additional features contribute to an improved SEO experience. Here are some of the current SEO trends for 2022 that we expect to be around for a while:

  • Rich snippets
  • Long-form content
  • “People also searched for” feature
  • Traditional SEO
  • Core web vitals

To capitalize on these trends, write quality long-form content that answers questions, utilizes keywords, and offers a great website page experience. Google continually updates its ranking factors, so stay on top of current features and always watch for new ones.

SEO Is Heading Places

With Google’s algorithm update earlier in 2022, things are getting more precise and fine-tuned. We can expect more accuracy, data, and top-ranking results.

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