Help Us Pick a Yeti and Name Him!

So we’re getting ready for PubCon in October and we’re really excited to be there under our new brand, Avalaunch Media. In the process we’ve been finalizing our new mascot, the Yeti.  We thought we’d get some feedback from the interwebs to see which Yeti everyone likes and at the same time give our new Yeti mascot a name.  Check out the Yetis below and click on the vote button below to go to our voting booth to help us out.

We’re hoping to have a bunch of Yeti swag at PubCon, so come see us there!

Pick a Yeti

Polls are closed, see the final choice here!

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7 thoughts on “Help Us Pick a Yeti and Name Him!

  1. Matt McGee says:

    I like #2 but I wish his face was happier. He should be a friendly, helpful yeti. Because that’s how yetis are (in my experience).

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