How We Became’s Top Digital Marketing Agency of 2020

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In a recent press release, named Avalaunch Media the Top Digital Marketing Agency of 2020. Our agency had the privilege to be a part of’s 40-hour assessment of more than 280 of the top firms and agencies offering effective online marketing strategies. Those in consideration were evaluated on the basis of their service offerings, company size, and industry focus in order to identify which company could meet the needs of the most people. 

The finalists were ranked firms that can cater to clients of nearly any industry. We are honored to have been recognized for excellence in doing what we love every day. You can read the article we’re featured in here, which outlines our accomplishments and brand-defining strengths.


But who exactly is this company conducting these business rankings? is a small business that generates ratings for products, software, and services that small business websites and online shops need to operate. These ratings help business owners make smart, informed decisions about the resources they use to run their company. 

While many companies of this sort rely on user-submitted ratings or editorial opinions, conducts sentiment analysis on relevant, up-to-date, authentic micro-reviews from Twitter comments to yield unbiased ratings about a business’s offerings. You can learn more about them on their website.

What Makes Our Agency Stand Out

Avalaunch Media prides itself not only on its vast multi-industry full-service offerings, but also on its core values, strategic engagement, and commitment to launching people.

Core Values

The character and culture we embody as an agency are equally important to us as our clients and quality of service. In order to promote an upbeat culture and offer the highest level of customer service, we adhere to a set of eight core values — our guiding star in all that we do. These core values encourage us daily to be innovative, positive, trusting, results-focused, distinguished, communicative, proactive, and to have fun. 

Strategic Engagement

As a full-service agency, we have the full picture of how a business’s moving pieces should fit together to lead them to success. That’s why we’re able to get more granular than many of our competitors; we go deep on a strategic level to figure out a company’s biggest hurdles to get them on track to success. Each of our clients gets a personalized playbook that outlines the game plan we’ve hand-formulated for them.

Commitment to Launching People

One of our top goals as an agency is to launch people, or to empower them with the tools and motivation they need to achieve their personal and professional goals. This applies to employees and clients alike. Perhaps our most proud accomplishment in business over the past decade is the profound impact our team has had on so many of the individuals we’ve interacted with. 

As we continue to deliver distinguished, award-winning service, we hope to touch the lives of many more people and lead countless businesses to success.

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