The Ingredients of a Successful SEO Campaign

Your favorite pizza probably has flavorful sauce, exquisite melted cheese, mouthwatering toppings, and a divine crust. Even one missing ingredient can make that pizza disappointing. An SEO campaign also needs all of the ingredients in order to be successful. Read our recipe for SEO success below: Prepare Before baking a pizza, or starting an SEO campaign, it’s important to put together a game plan. Directions Crust Crust is, literally, the foundation of a perfect pizza. In SEO, onsite optimizations are the crust— there is little chance that customers will interact with your website with even the most diversified link portfolio and SERP visibility if a good experience is missing. User experience is still king.   Ingredients
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt image text
  • H1s
  • Keyword optimization
  • Visual content to encourage interactions on the site
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links
  • Site speed
Ways to Measure the Success
  • Bounce rate
  • Organic conversion statistics
  • Amount of time on the site
  • Number of interactions on the site
  • Crawl Errors report in Google Search Console
Cheese Cheese is to pizza what link building is to SEO. Both are essential to success (and deliciousness) and highly sought-after. When done right, link building plays a huge role in a successful campaign. One common mistake, however, is putting all of your resources into the link building and ignoring the equally important parts of a successful SEO recipe. Ingredients
  • Diversified backlink strategy
  • Google Analytics/Search Console set up to measure organic stats
  • Unique content for others to share (i.e. infographic, article, case study)
Ways to Measure the Success
  • Number of backlinks gained
  • Quality of the backlinks (i.e., Ahrefs page rank, domain rank)
  • Organic traffic statistics
  • Organic conversion statistics
  • Diversity of anchor text and landing pages
  • Transparency of links
  • Number of linking root domains
Sauce Pizza sauce is one of those things you don’t notice until it’s gone. It’s the unsung hero tying together all flavors of the pizza. Social media is the pizza sauce of an SEO campaign. Though it takes time, effort, and resources to maintain a social campaign, it’s something that customers have come to expect from the companies they interact with. Ingredients
  • Optimized social media profiles (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Social media editorial calendar
  • Shareable content
  • Advertisement manager on each platform
Ways to Measure the Success
  • Engagement on social media platforms, including clicks, likes, shares, and comments (check out Buzzsumo or Hootsuite)
  • Social traffic
  • Lead conversions
  • Reach on social media
  • Identify the social media platforms that your customers actually use and focus on keeping those updated—there’s no need to spread yourself too thin!
  • Research how often (and when) to post on your socials.
Toppings Everyone has a favorite pizza topping. This is the part of the pizza that distinguishes it from other pizzas. Whether it be pepperoni, yellow peppers, mushrooms, or tomatoes, there is no doubt that toppings are the most unique part of a pizza recipe. Your content marketing strategy is like the toppings on pizza. It’s exciting to your audience and helps set your brand apart. Nothing helps make a brand more memorable (in a good way) than a viral video or interesting infographic. Ingredients
  • Unique content
  • Backlink checker (i.e. Ahrefs)
  • Share counter
Ways to Measure the Success
  • Engagement with the content, including clicks, likes, shares, and comments
  • Shares
  • Backlinks
  • Mentions
Bake Raw dough and unbaked toppings, no matter the quality, will not turn out well. In order to have a successful SEO campaign, follow-through is important. During the baking process, you want to keep an eye on the oven in case the pizza starts to burn. All SEO campaigns have issues and these can appear as suddenly as a pizza can overbake. Keeping a watchful eye allows you to course-correct and achieve success. Tips
  • Monitor your website in Google Analytics and other data tools at least weekly
  • Adjust your SEO strategy every 6 months or as needed
  • Keep up to date on the latest SEO news
Order a pizza instead Not everyone can bake a great pizza. Whether you prefer not to cook or just don’t have the time, hiring a talented and capable SEO agency to manage your campaigns for you is a great solution. Learn more about how Avalaunch Media can create a delectable SEO campaign for your brand!

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