“Top 4 ROI’s of CSR.”

Avaluanch Media’s Day at the Wasatch Community Garden


When starting a new job, you don’t really know what to expect. Of course, you have a

guesstimate as to your future day-to- day schedule and the company culture, but you’re

still a little hazy as to what your new home-away- from home is really about.

During my first week employed as a Project Manager for Avalaunch Media, I learned

that we would be conducting a company-wide service project that coming Friday. Our

crew was scheduled to spend about four hours of “down ‘n dirty work” prepping the

Wasatch Community Garden for the upcoming veggie season. I was thrilled to witness the

company’s concern for volunteerism efforts firsthand and was also shocked to discover

that all employees would still be paid our hourly wage during the time spent in the

garden. Wow.

After the great experience, I became curious as to the return on investment, (ROI) that

businesses receive from similar efforts. After conducting some research, I have

condensed my thoughts into the “Top 4 RIO’s of CSR.”

#1.) Attract Top-Tier Employees

The boss-man may be in the drivers’ seat, but employees are the driving force behind a

company’s forward momentum and positive growth. Building a business that attracts the

best-of- the-best will produce customer/client satisfaction, excellent results and in turn,

an increase to the bottom-line along with so many other benefits. Research shows that

CSR, (corporate social responsibility) plays a role in that. Cone Communications

discovered that 88% of Millenials gravitate toward companies with pronounced CSR

programs and 76% consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when

deciding where to work. From personal experience, Avalaunch’s volunteerism efforts

absolutely played a large part in my desire to join their team.

#2.) Develop Working Relationships

As new individuals join the corporate family, ensure that they want to stay for the long

haul. The development of great working relationships is proven to encourage that

behavior. HumanResources.com found that a “lack of relationships/friendships with co-

workers” is the third highest reason why employees quit their jobs. During the service

project, I intermingled with individuals from every department as well as company

executives and their family’s. That night, I found myself excited to return to the office

the following day to see my new co-workers turned friends.

#3.) Cultivate Brand Differentiation

A company who can do good by the customer and the world around them? Now

THAT’S a business worth supporting! Sustainable Brands found that 81% of consumers

are willing to make sacrifices of convenience or price in order to support social or

environmental issues. The #BringBacktheBees campaign by Cheerios is a wonderful

example of a brand whose differentiation was positively heightened through consistent

implementation of CSR. My Avaluanch clients become even more impressed with our

team and capabilities once they learn of the great work we are doing outside the


#4.) Establish a Team-Oriented Culture

If social responsibility efforts are a company core thread, it’s inevitable that qualities

such as comradery and selflessness are woven into the business tapestry. As I

witnessed our executives show their commitment to community and volunteerism

through time, talent and treasure at the service project, I intuitively learned from the top-

down what Avaluanch is all about and what type of person I must be in order to

thrive here. Can’t wait to see what service-adventure is next for our Avalaunch crew!

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