• Tracking Santa May Lead To Loss Of Laptop

    Matt Siltala  

    Dec 24 2008

    Warning – checking out the Santa Tracker via – NORAD may lead to the loss of your computer!

    Santa Tracker by NORAD

    Santa Tracker by NORAD

    I was working on some stuff and noticed a tweet by @factive about losing his laptop to his kids due to the Santa Tracker: 

    So I decided to show my kids (not heeding the hidden warning) and they took it over:

    The response I expected:

    So let this be a warning to all those not wanting to lose their computer or laptops for the next several hours!  Also this is a great opportunity for us at Dream Systems Media to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas Eve! We hope you get everything you want!  Thanks to Cameron for playing along with me!

    (Lucky I have another computer to be able to post this!!!)