The Complete History of Social Media

The Complete History of Social Media

Ask people to do a word association exercise with the term social media and you will likely be bombarded with a slew of “Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest” responsesOf course, those are currently the three hottest social media sites on the planet, but surprisingly the history of social media goes back hundreds or even thousands of years.

Our interactive infographic, The Complete History of Social Media, tells the amazing story behind social media as we know it today.  It also raises the question, “So, what’s next”?  Believe it or not, ten years from now Twitter and Pinterest could well be the Myspace and Digg of today (technology dinosaurs fighting to get back into a space they used to dominate).

Click on the graphic below to see the interactive graphic.

  • Thanks for putting this together David – great job!

    • dmmink

      Teamwork buddy!

  • Love the interactive infographic concept but would have liked more details about all of the lesser-known examples to be included, eg The Palace, Moveon. Lovely design though 🙂

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