No Longer Can A Business Run Without A Website

No Longer Can A Business Run Without A Website

I am ready for the onslaught of examples that I am sure people are going to be throwing in my face; I’m ready for it and I still won’t agree! I do say this with all sincerity though; if you are an offline business-owner and don’t have a website, you are not only missing the boat, but could be sinking it! In today’s economy every customer counts. You want to make sure and do everything to keep current customers and find new ones.

I got to thinking about this yesterday when I was going off on how much I loved the Chandler West Auto Care company for taking care of me. I was also reminded of it when Chris Hooley left a comment about sending them some link love in the post. Here’s the deal, I would love to have sent their business some link love, but guess what? They didn’t have a website for their business! As much as I love their customer service, and know they will continue to get an amazing amount of referrals, they absolutely need a website for all those people looking for information/reviews/maps etc. about them online!

The online world is not going to go away, and potential customers are only going to be using it more and more down the road; think about the generations growing up with the power of technology in the palm of their hands. People use their phones to look for reviews, maps, recommendations, etc., you name it! You need to have that business online, so there is a place that all the traffic/reviews/recommendations can be directed to.

With domain name and hosting packages as cheap as they are, and free CMS and blogging platforms like WordPress, there is no longer an excuse to not have something up. I am not saying that it’s all you need, but it is better then nothing and is a start!

I know there are all kinds of review sites, like Yelp, and all the search engine local listing ones you can get your business listed on etc., but when you do that people are linking to them and not you. That is helping their website and not the one that you should have up. Plus, you can do a better job at getting people ALL the information they might be looking for through your site. I think you will see a dramatic increase in your customer base, especially if you implement a little local seo with your new website.

Again, its just a suggestion from what I see going on everyday around me. I don’t know one business owner that would not want more customers, or would want to get the right information in front of potential customers all while making more money. AM I SMOKING CRACK? Thoughts?