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    Infographics (where an information-rich subject is presented visually using graphics as well as words) have become an Internet phenomenon. Avalaunch has created many of the most popular infographics on the web and knows the intricacies of how to build a viral campaign for any industry. Our team conducts the research, designs the infographic, and seeds it in all the right places. Then, you sit back and watch your popularity take off. Google+

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    • Intel
    • GoDaddy
    • Groupon
    • Expedia
    • Verizon
    • Home Depot
    How It Works
    • How It's Done:

      • We develop an idea based on research, trends, and what is hot in your social media niche.
      • We search through mountains of research, so we can make sure we know everything there is to know about the subject.
      • Our world-class designers visualize the data and turn it into a well-polished infographic.
      • We then orchestrate sharing of the infographic on social media sites and watch as the referral traffic and search engine rankings skyrocket.
    • Here's What You'll Get:

      • A lasting impression on the infographics viewers.
      • A stronger brand identity due to the volume of new people viewing your content.
      • Increased referral site traffic from all of those social media shares.
      • Higher site rankings from all those newly attracted links.
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Case Study
  • Pinnable Business
  • Client: PinnableBusiness.com

    To build some authority and traffic to PinnableBusiness.com, and to establish the company as Pinterest experts by showcasing their research.

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  • Strategy

    The project started with robust research on the topic. After a lot of work, our designers created a great looking yet instructional infographic. Instead of putting the infographic on the client’s website, we decided to build more credibility by finding an influencer who was willing to run the graphic on their site.

  • Result

    Immediately after launch,. The infographic got over 5k shares across Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest within the first week.

    Mashable sent tens of thousands of hits to our client’s site for several days. The site visitors went from the double digits to five digits overnight.

    The post ranks well for anything related to images and Pinterest.

Avalaunch Media is everything you could ask for in a marketing agency. They listened to our needs, made sure they understood our market, and created an infographic that delivered 110%. Hire these guys!

—Andy Beal CEO, Trackur