16 of the Stupidest Job Titles for a Social Media Specialist

16 of the Stupidest Job Titles for a Social Media Specialist

Hey psycho traditional marketers, Social Media is here to stay.

In fact, in my opinion, if your business doesn’t have a blog and isn’t practicing social media on a fairly consistent basis, you’re going to be passed up in SERPs and in market share by some of the younger generation marketers that “get it”.

I read a great post recently that talked all about the job opportunities out there in social media. The funny thing was, if you’re a social media marketer looking for a job, the simple phrase “social media marketer” is only one of at least 75 different titles describing your area of expertise. Doing a job search for this industry, according to the list I read, has become much more “long-tail“.

As I reviewed the collection of social media job titles, some were creative and probably helped broaden the appeal to “old school” marketing folk. However, there were at least 16 that I felt I had to share as a warning on how NOT to market your social media skills.

16 Stupid Job Titles for a Social Media Marketer


  1. Blogger-in-Chief – this sounds like a name from “Dances with Wolves”
  2. Brand Champion – who did they compete against to be considered the “Champion”?
  3. Community Data Guerrilla – the word “Guerrilla” reminds me of the “get-rich-quick” schemes I see way too often.
  4. Conversation Manager – so does this mean they are constantly monitoring every employees conversation, both on and offline?
  5. Director of Enterprise Communications – sounds corny.
  6. Idea Inventor – wow, now that’s creative and must be really time consuming
  7. Social Media Rockstar – “Hey now, you’re a [social media] rockstar, get your game on, go play…”
  8. Social Media Missionary – do they go door to door preaching the good [social media] word?
  9. Product Evangelist – amen, amen! They must work closely with the “SM Missionaries”.
  10. Serial Entrepreneur – “Serial”, really? This seems too much like something you’d read about on the front page of the morning news and wonder – what’d they do?
  11. Social Media Guru – Guru is just like “Guerilla” – aka FAKE, SCAM, LIAR, etc.
  12. Online Community and Social Media Czar – Czar is a new one but seems too similar to Guru and Guerilla
  13. Leadership Trainer – wow, that’s a generalized term for social media work
  14. Tweeter / Ghost Tweeter – I’d be so excited to have that title on MY business card… 🙂
  15. Virtual Worlds Developer – hmm…how would you explain that one to the in-laws? To have this title do you have to be at a certain level in Facebook Farmville?
  16. Youth Marketing Manager – this sounds illegal


What are your thoughts on these titles? Are there some that I left out of the “stupid” list?

To help you SEE the growth of social media, check out this infographic: it will give you a better picture of how social media has become a part of every aspect of our business and personal life:


The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic
Source: The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic

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