5 Simple Ways To Build Trust With Your PPC Clients

1) Setting Client Expectations: From day one it is critical to give the client a layout or plan of exactly what needs to happen to create a profitable and successful PPC account. Most of our clients are interested PPC lead gen so we make sure they are well informed of the steps needed to ensure a profitable campaign. “My campaigns have been running for two days, I’ve spent $150 bucks, why am I not getting new leads?” says the client. We all have been there, the client has the right to expect new leads but PPC doesn’t always act as a “Go” button and automatically produce results overnight. As we meet with new and existing clients we cannot ignore setting realistic expectations. As we set expectations we eliminate a long list of problems for the future. Expectations will vary from client to client but we need to explain clearly the process of setting up an account, letting it run and optimizing as data is collected. 2) Consistent Communication: Throughout each month campaigns may experience highs and lows, some clients may appreciate knowing if there have been significant changes in results or strategy. Some clients may want to know where a group of keywords climbed in CPC and a plan of action moving forward. You will also encounter clients who want to give you a specific budget and just require you sending them a monthly report.  The purpose of keeping your clients up to date is letting them know you are fully invested in their account and you care for the success of their business. Here are a few updates that may be worth sharing about the account:  
  • Received an increased amount of conversions at a low CPA
  • Sharing your expert advice by recommending strategies and what outcomes should be expected.
  • Inform clients of current struggles and what steps can help produce better outcomes
  Consistent client communication outside of sending monthly reports or monthly phone calls can help increase trust levels. 3) Act Swiftly to Requests: As we communicate with clients through weekly emails or monthly phone calls we should act swiftly to the suggestions, ideas Dwight Shruteor needs our clients ask of us. Acting fast will ensure we care for their business and want them to succeed. I recently had a client suggest we try some new ad copy strategies and he requested I email him a list of ideas. After the phone call I had a few minutes to spare and while my ideas were fresh I Immediately thought of new ad copy strategies. Once finished I emailed the ideas and didn’t think twice about it. I received an email from the client regarding my ideas and how pleased he was for my quick response. We can’t always respond so quickly but as we make it a priority we will improve our accounts. 4) Don’t Click Send, Pick Up the Phone: Email is one of the greatest tools we have as PPC account managers. Consequently it can sometimes be a tool that prevents us to from communicating with our clients on a personal level. It is beneficial to give clients an occasional phone call and touch bases aside from regular scheduled meetings. This phone call can deliver updates on the account or suggest strategies to make the account more profitable. Now let me be very clear, I’m not suggesting calling each client every week but rather an occasional phone call offering your professional insight on their account from time to time. This phone call could be a response to a recent email or even a question you may have about the account. As long as we are keeping in contact with our clients and keeping them in the light, they will further trust us with their money. 5) Search For Common Ground: While interacting with clients on a business level it is also helpful to connect on a personal level. Now I’m not suggesting you find out where they live but rather finding common ground so both of you can better relate to each other. These common interests can be hobbies, what they did over the weekend, even their favorite football team…etc. something to break the ice occasionally while communicating. Most of us don’t have time to sit and chat about our recent waiver wire pickup in fantasy football but building a relationship includes exchanging things we enjoy or have passion for. Doing this will open up increased levels of trust because the clients will feel like they know you because they know you they will be more likely to refer you to business contacts. NFL1 Implementing all of these steps could be hard to measure but they will help improve your personal and agency’s branding. As we try to strengthen and aid our client relationships we will ultimately build trust. This trust will lead clients to expand business opportunities with you and introduce their close business contacts and friends. The outcomes are endless.

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  1. Richard McGowan says:

    These are all great points, and the first one cannot be stressed enough. Some clients view PPC as a magic wand that will double their sales overnight, and it’s our job to make them understand at the very least the typical patterns of new campaigns, and ideally how PPC and its key metrics actually work.

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